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  1. OnlyRipper

    open What and What?

    Thank you for your reply. I'm looking for something free because i want to learn something.
  2. OnlyRipper

    open What and What?

    I know the title is a little bit more stupid,if not Super Stupid level. Recently i've started to learn more about the programming through Metin2 open source files. What files should i use as a beginner[Clean + Srcs(Client and Serverfiles)]? With What files i should compare my work(i'm talking about a free release made by someone with experience)? I've made this topic,even if isn't a problem,because i want more opinions. I hope i didn't post in the wrong place. Thank you in advance & have a nice day!
  3. OnlyRipper

    [RLS]Ingame Wiki System

    can you please reupload?! Invalid link