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  1. WeedHex

    c++ Simple Block Unpack

    Nowadays hacks work directly from process, from python is just for older tricks. Btw thx for share the trick it's a nice idea to customize your works.
  2. WeedHex

    [Compare Tool] M2_FILES_COMPARE

    Thanks for share but there are already softwares to do it more fast.
  3. WeedHex

    open Never seen client sysser error

    At least say thanks to Martysama for traductions and don't pass them off as your own Btw these errors can happen also for many other reasons.
  4. WeedHex

    open game.core crash

    Memory overflow, talk with an expert on payment. As I always tell: C++ it's not a joke, this is the result of bad codes on bad codes.
  5. WeedHex

    solved [QUEST] Selection on login

    Better a delay with timer in this case.
  6. WeedHex

    solved [QUEST] Selection on login

    Wtf you want to do? Send a notice on login? Why you make the select buttons? At least put say() before...
  7. WeedHex

    [C++] Horse bonuses from x level

    @Lufbert was right and codes are rly ugly. Btw thx for share.
  8. WeedHex

    [RELEASE] Fully editable Mission

  9. WeedHex

    open game.core crash

    Default file, you can delete link. I think there is something wrong with an item. Infos are not useful (for me) Try to understand who's the owner and what item is. Look at the count ...
  10. WeedHex

    open game.core crash

    You fucked up something show here your item_manager.cpp.
  11. While wearing skin weapon = bug
  12. WeedHex

    open [PAY]Error SpawnMob

    c++ it's not a joke, that's the result of something scripted badly.
  13. WeedHex

    open compiling source

    2> To work around this problem, try simplifying or changing the program near the locations listed above.
  14. WeedHex

    open [PAY]Error SpawnMob

    overflow of memory (#bt full)
  15. WeedHex

    open [PAY] GUILD WAR BUG

    Guild war map is on first core lol.