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  1. WeedHex

    [How to] GM Absolute Restriction System

    Char_item.cpp Find for: item->AddToGround (GetMapIndex(), GetXYZ()); Before add: if (GetGMLevel() > GM_PLAYER) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Trying to fuck from ground."); return; }
  2. WeedHex

    open After changing attribute frameskip

    Can you try to do a video to understand better?
  3. Was better with timer solution, mount begin load after other things so checking the login is useless cuz there isn't still the mount
  4. WeedHex

    open OfflineShop

  5. WeedHex

    open OfflineShop

    Default functions, btw ENABLE_DELETE_ITEMS_SYSTEM lol? If you don't define this shit the default function won't work.
  6. WeedHex

    open Toggle skill bug

    Your bad we can't help you without any info.
  7. WeedHex

    open Chest drop view

    mismatch 0xdf != 0x0 header 215 Change packet numbers.
  8. WeedHex

    solved Game99 problem

    In the villages digit "/goto ox" What happen? Are you going there with a quest? Show codes
  9. Like this you won't ride in any map with index >=10000 it's not safe. Do the check with the dungeon index.
  10. WeedHex

    open Bug with skill body and healer

    Try without pet.
  11. WeedHex

    open Can this cause Crash Core?

    This error is from mob_proto min > max!
  12. WeedHex

    open Horse bug.
  13. WeedHex

    open [Help]Beran-Setaou bug attack and skills

    Exactly BlueDragon_StateBattle(this) add new monster in this check if you want 2493 same 2499