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  1. It works but there is something wrong that's fucks my players, I got problem with this and I don't suggest to use.
  2. It's a problem from Intel, the check was right.
  3. WeedHex

    open Kick for no reason

    I don't think so.
  4. WeedHex

    open shouder sash problem bonus

    Then I can say that you have to fix a mess of things and your preview it's a fake or better to say, only the preview is working good xD
  5. WeedHex

    open shouder sash problem bonus

    It's a uitooltip problem about the bonus show, but if the item doesn't give you any bonus, there is also to work on c++ item.cpp. Check on the database if the item has bonuses stocked.
  6. WeedHex

    open shouder sash problem bonus

    Does the sash give you bonus that you saw in the preview? Btw uitooltip.py and item.cpp
  7. WeedHex

    open shouder sash problem bonus

    Images are not working...
  8. WeedHex

    open Duel bug?

    It's Metin bro, if you change it you'll must change a lot of things trust me XD
  9. WeedHex

    open Duel bug?

    Sync bug, you can't fix it because you'll change totally metin2 and it gonna be a shit if you fix that. Someone fixed that ovb i can't tell you how.
  10. WeedHex

    open Python Script [HELP ME PLEASE]

    Cool indentation!
  11. WeedHex

    open 6th skill ninja

    Show files that you changed and a video
  12. WeedHex

    open Granny model error

    Your gr2 dll version doesn't support this gr2 file version. Convert the gr2 model with a tool, i forgot the name but was a thing kinda "Riky92 converter gr2"
  13. WeedHex

    [Opening 07.03.19] InfinityMetin International

    Don't say bullshit to foreign people xD
  14. Use constants in c++ for number to compare.
  15. You need the definition of function enumerate... You're using a function that you don't have defined. https://docs.python.org/3.3/library/functions.html