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  1. WeedHex

    open Horse ride quest

    if pc.getqf("horse_delay") < get_global_time() then pc.setqf("horse_delay",get_global_time()+5) --HORSE CALL end
  2. WeedHex

    [RLS] Quiver-System

    Same problem... I wrote it time ago.
  3. WeedHex

    open Ox Event Manager & Top 5 winners PROBLEM

    Show here your header file please.
  4. WeedHex

    open Ox Event Manager & Top 5 winners PROBLEM

    maybe you copied an already existent enum name or try to use "#pragma once" to prevent multiple definitions.
  5. WeedHex

    open Ox Event Manager & Top 5 winners PROBLEM

    multiple definition of 'enum TypeInfo' Speak with the compiler (try to change enum name or show here you header file)
  6. WeedHex

    open Previous page button for teleporter quest

    it is absolutely not like you are thinking Study table.getn() table.insert() usage.
  7. WeedHex

    open question about c++

    Exygo should take a chamomile and the other guy would need to read the regulation better. Happened also to me to make mistakes. You learn from mistakes. Btw replied Vegas there was no need to do all the scene lol?
  8. WeedHex

    open Costume mount visual bug

    Order your packets. Btw let's see if someone help.
  9. Exygo has start to rosik XD
  10. WeedHex

    [RLS] Quiver-System

    In fact it does it on purpose for the people who install without testing or customizing the code.
  11. WeedHex

    [RLS] Quiver-System

    Was one of the secret bugs from p3ng3r. He does it on purpose 99%
  12. WeedHex

    open Dragon soul system problem

  13. WeedHex

    open More alignment give

    And look for 20000 in every fu** place.
  14. WeedHex

    Diffrence between player and mob

    ON KILL YOU HAVE: pc -> the char npc->the entity victim. You can do like official:
  15. WeedHex

    open problem with a quest function in c++

    I'm working right now on wave_dungeon and I can assure you that you have to redo all of the free version broken.