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  1. WLsj24

    open Problem with changelook

    metin2.dev/bin/change_look_zeimpekis9 try with this
  2. WLsj24

    c++ [C++]Buffs to all party members

    If you add this, you can give buffs to people who are not in your group: //Party buff system if (GetParty() && (dwVnum == 94 || dwVnum == 95 || dwVnum == 96 || dwVnum == 110 || dwVnum == 111)) { if (pkVictim && pkVictim->GetParty()){ if (pkVictim->GetParty() == GetParty()){ ComputeSkillParty(dwVnum, this); } } else if (pkVictim && !pkVictim->GetParty()) // buff players who are not in your group ComputeSkill(dwVnum, pkVictim); }
  3. WLsj24

    c++ [Release] Cheque system

    This is the solution to your problem, @OnlyRipper Added in shop.cpp: + ENABLE_OFFLINE_SHOP_USE_CHEQUE + ENABLE_SHOP_USE_CHEQUE This allows buy and sell in normal_shop(pc-poly) and offline shop (by great) Check the github repository to see the changes.
  4. WLsj24

    solved Cheque System by WLsj24

    Maybe tomorrow i can help you by anydesk. Send me your contact by private message. See you!
  5. Idk if this is the right place to put this. But I hope helps someone. Download: I bothered to order the lines from least to greatest numerically. On each line there is a number, this number corresponds to the number of the official translation that you can find in the official locale. Official locale download: The only thing left for you to do is replace the number I put, with the number that corresponds to the official translation. Here is an example with the English language: Best regards.
  6. WLsj24

    M2 - Memo Trio Monster

    Nice work
  7. WLsj24

    c++ [Release] Cheque system

    https://github.com/WLsj24/Cheque-System - The tutorial was remade - Max won 999 (like official) - Added support for OfflineShop(great)
  8. Idk if the Zenu system and the Dungeon info are public. But the MailBox error is from the WorldArd system, and in this forum nobody will help you about a payment system.
  9. WLsj24

    c++ [Release] Cheque system

    Tomorrow I will review the guide, maybe I forgot something about normal shops, since I made the guide thinking about offline shops
  10. WLsj24

    c++ [Release] Cheque system

    for fix this: https://imgur.com/1FqK4lE dont remove cheque, just hide after this: self.wndChequeSlot = self.GetChild("Cheque_Slot") add this: self.wndMoneyIcon = self.GetChild("Money_Icon") self.wndChequeIcon = self.GetChild("Cheque_Icon") self.wndMoneyIcon.Hide() self.wndMoneySlot.Hide() self.wndChequeIcon.Hide() self.wndChequeSlot.Hide() ## 높이 조절 height = self.GetHeight() width = self.GetWidth() self.SetSize(width, height - 22) self.GetChild("board").SetSize(width, height - 22)
  11. WLsj24

    c++ [Release] Cheque system

    Sorry, the "Owner_Cheque_Icon" is only for "ENABLE_NEW_EXCHANGE_WINDOW", comment it in uiexchange.py if you dont have that system. "ITEM_CHEQUE" is not recognized in your source, check item_length.h, itemdata.h, protoreader.cpp, itemcsvreader.cpp. Maybe some of those files are not reading the macro define, therefore it is as if it were disabled. Remember to include the file where the macro define is defined --> "ENABLE_CHEQUE_SYSTEM", could be CommonDefines.h or service.h for server and Locale_Inc.h for client
  12. I mean if you have "long long gold", then there will be some crash in your core due to overflow_cheque. To avoid that you must eliminate the "long long gold". If you want to keep the "long long gold" you must make some changes to make both systems compatible at the same time.
  13. I didn't put a warning in that post, but if you use "long long gold", then you must adapt the system or deactivate it so that the "check system" is compatible.
  14. https://mega.nz/#!T7I1VYpC!aET24pGE_JnoduikNVIO5swI6PYtslrBQVxsDfy_o2M
  15. WLsj24

    open New Armor Subtype

    you're still having problems on GameType.h