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  1. Hey everyone, it's a nice day to share something I just wrote Grid class in python language. You can use it as fast moving into the window with this or something else. Usage: from grid import Grid import item import chat grid = Grid(width=5, height=9) item.SelectItem(11299) (width, height) = item.GetItemSize() available_position = grid.find_blank(width, height) if available_position == -1: chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "There is no available position.") return chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Available position is %d" % (available_position)) Best Regards Ken
  2. If you've interest about reverse engineering, you can check out this tool. (I can't say it's better than IDA). It's just made by NSA. Here is the link for ya. The tool was written in Java. (To provide cross-platform support). Installation guide is here too: Best Regards Ken
  3. With 19.1, They've added two GUI in the game. (Lucky box, The new fish system). Here are two files. About the new cheat blocker ; Webzen should try harder than this. At least gameguard was better than this Thanks to @T4UMP Best Regards Ken
  4. Ken

    c++ [RLS]Renewal Book Name

    As i see in your codes, you're just trying to show the item's full name that which has not full name (skill book, skill forget items and polymorph items) when you pick up them on the ground. I liked thank you for sharing with us. Best Regards Ken
  5. Ken

    open Server Down

    It seems like you're missing format when you call sys_log function. Can you show us to your char_item.cpp, please? Best Regards Ken
  6. Ken

    Feedback for our new theme

    The avatar icon looks like a bit big for me or anyone else. Can you make the icon a bit smaller? The rest of theme is okay also I liked too Best Regards Ken
  7. Ken

    open Server Fall [Help]

    There is nothing to do with the Syserr file. Do you have any game.core file in your channel folders? It seems like you do have one.
  8. Ken

    New texture for Manu
  9. Ken

    New texture for Manu

    The blue lines does not look good. It could be good without them too. Thank you for sharing with us.
  10. Ken

    open search function

    You can show your character as a NPC. You just need to add a few variables and write a few situations with that variables prevent from Null pointer or unexpected errors. (I mean crashing game file)
  11. Hi ken , can you please reply my private message .. 

    1. Ken


      I will reply the whole private messages when I have free time. Sorry for delay 😕

  12. Hi everyone, I would like to share a memory leak fix about pack type Hybrid, Hybrid with SDB and panama. I saw it while analyzing Webzen's new pack type. EterPack.cpp Search this: if( !m_pCSHybridCryptPolicy->DecryptMemory(std::string(filename), static_cast<const BYTE*>(*data), index->data_size, *zObj) ) { return false; } Replace with this if( !m_pCSHybridCryptPolicy->DecryptMemory(std::string(filename), static_cast<const BYTE*>(*data), index->data_size, *zObj) ) { delete zObj; return false; } Search this: if( !m_pCSHybridCryptPolicy->GetSupplementaryDataBlock(std::string(filename), pSDBData, iSDBSize) ) { return false; } Replace with this if( !m_pCSHybridCryptPolicy->GetSupplementaryDataBlock(std::string(filename), pSDBData, iSDBSize) ) { delete zObj; return false; } Search this: else if (COMPRESSED_TYPE_PANAMA == index->compressed_type) { CLZObject * zObj = new CLZObject; __Decrypt_Panama(filename, static_cast<const BYTE*>(*data), index->data_size, *zObj); out_file.BindLZObjectWithBufferedSize(zObj); *data = zObj->GetBuffer(); } Replace with this: else if (COMPRESSED_TYPE_PANAMA == index->compressed_type) { CLZObject * zObj = new CLZObject; if (!__Decrypt_Panama(filename, static_cast<const BYTE*>(*data), index->data_size, *zObj)) { delete zObj; return false; } out_file.BindLZObjectWithBufferedSize(zObj); *data = zObj->GetBuffer(); } Best Regards Ken