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  1. As I can see doesn't got UseItemSlot function. You have to add it on and adapt it to the file. Feel free to share uirarityrefine and I'll try to reach the solution
  2. Can you share this function? __DropSrcItemToDestItemInInventory
  3. You are missing the declaration of = None Search def __init__(self): and add the missing code inside it
  4. Fire

    open Problem !!!!!

    Can you share your UserInterface/InstanceBaseEffect.cpp? (Clientside Svn) I think that something is wrong with that.
  5. Fire

    open how to debug the code(C/py)

    You can use print ‘Debug test’ on Python Tracen/Tracef function on Client Src sys_err/sys_log/ChatPacket function to debug on Server Src and if you got crash of your core you can use gdb
  6. Fire

    open How to change ..?

    For the second one check on cmd_general.cpp in (do_restart) If you post it, I can edit it for you (do it on pastebin)
  7. Fire

    Rubinum s1/s2 wiki

    I only need the structure, don’t worry
  8. Fire

    Rubinum s1/s2 wiki

  9. Fire

    Rubinum s1/s2 wiki

  10. Fire

    Rubinum s1/s2 wiki

    its a bit different
  11. Fire

    Rubinum s1/s2 wiki

    I am searching somebody that got the wiki information of Rubinum S1/S2, I can pay well.
  12. Fire

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    I have added armor and weapon features. If I render the armor without the weapon, the character will be displayed well. If I render the armor + weapon, it will display as the image above. @CxL'Mufuku Any suggestion?
  13. Fire

    Looking For: Offline Shops System.

    Contact me on skype
  14. Fire

    request decoration shop offline by great

    If you are not my customer, you can't talk. Please, feel free to spam in another forum, not here
  15. Fire

    request decoration shop offline by great

    I am selling it