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  1. mafianekcek

    [Small-Release] Up to date libs for FreeBSD 11.0

    How you updated lib to 5.7 mysql? Can i get contact to you please? My skype is pet-sek or discord BOSS#3891
  2. We would like to introduce you server Godnite, it's brand new server full of new systems, maps and fast exp. It's more PvP server, but there is a huge place for PvM either. The game is easy to understand and it there are so many new features, like brand new emotes, dungeons, pvp systems etc. You can check server out on , the language is English and Czech and more languages coming soon. We are looking forward to see you in the fight! Godnite Team. Website: Download: Facebook: Launch date: 1.8.2018 PS: Server is already online, but just in czech language, 1.8.2018 we will add english language.
  3. mafianekcek

    open Animation weapons loop reequip BUG

    Can you add me on skype: petr-sek (Peterio Ukulele is my name on skype) and can you check it on teamviewer? I can pay you for it, i dont like to share my code.
  4. Hello, i have problem with animated weapons, when i have equiped costume or hair or sash, weapon is reequiped every 3 seconds. Can somebody told me, what is this shit? Normal weapons are okey, so its just effect problem. Please help me. Thank you. Here is video of bug:
  5. mafianekcek

    open Shop name bug

    LOL, i have fixed it, error was in char.cpp in function EncodeInsertPacket find: p.mode = ch->m_bNowWalking ? WALKMODE_WALK : WALKMODE_RUN; after this is if (IsPC() && GetMyShop()) you need to change this for if (GetMyShop())
  6. mafianekcek

    open Shop name bug

    Thank you for reply, but dont work.
  7. mafianekcek

    open Shop name bug

    Hello, i have problem with shop, when i create shop or rename shop name is okey, but when i close game and start client again, shop name missing. Can somebody help me? here is video: here are python files: : add me on skype: petr-sek skype name: Peterio Ukulele for fix i will pay you 20€
  8. mafianekcek

    Shop name keeping on screen

    Hello dev, i have problem with code in python client, when i see some shop on map, then after teleport shop name keeps on screen like screen Sysser: 0314 20:40:08235 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0314 20:40:08235 :: File "", line 163, in OnUpdate 0314 20:40:08235 :: TypeError 0314 20:40:08235 :: : 0314 20:40:08235 :: 'NoneType' object is not iterable 0314 20:40:08235 :: 0314 20:40:08252 :: Traceback (most recent call last): Python code: def OnUpdate(self): if not self.vid: return if systemSetting.IsShowSalesText(): if chr.GetInstanceType(self.vid) not in [chr.INSTANCE_TYPE_PLAYER,chr.INSTANCE_TYPE_NPC]: self.Hide() if GetShopNamesRange() == 1.000: self.Show() (x, y) = chr.GetProjectPosition(self.vid, 220) self.SetPosition(x - self.GetWidth() / 2, y - self.GetHeight() / 2) else: LIMIT_RANGE = abs(constInfo.SHOPNAMES_RANGE * GetShopNamesRange()) (to_x, to_y, to_z) = chr.GetPixelPosition(self.vid) (my_x, my_y, my_z) = player.GetMainCharacterPosition() if abs(my_x - to_x) <= LIMIT_RANGE and abs(my_y - to_y) <= LIMIT_RANGE: (x, y) = chr.GetProjectPosition(self.vid, 220) self.SetPosition(x - self.GetWidth() / 2, y - self.GetHeight() / 2) self.Show() else: self.Hide() self.SetPosition(-10000, 0) else: for key in g_privateShopAdvertisementBoardDict.keys(): if player.GetMainCharacterIndex() == key: g_privateShopAdvertisementBoardDict[key].Show() x, y = chr.GetProjectPosition(player.GetMainCharacterIndex(), 220) g_privateShopAdvertisementBoardDict[key].SetPosition(x - self.GetWidth()/2, y - self.GetHeight()/2) else: g_privateShopAdvertisementBoardDict[key].Hide() Line which should be bad is : (to_x, to_y, to_z) = chr.GetPixelPosition(self.vid) Please can somebody help me? Thank you.
  9. mafianekcek

    Item going disappear after teleport

    A im not reatarded mam, this isn't problem with items with limit time but all items.
  10. Hello guys, i have problem, when i buy some item from itemshop and put it to inventory all is ok, but when i teleport sometimes item disapper. I have this problem too in privateshops and sometimes too when i upgrade item so after upgrade disapper. Can somebody help me? I need to fix it. Thank you.
  11. mafianekcek

    Server_timer PROBLEM

    it is only some argument whichfunction need, your version too dont work and sysser says like function: _set_server_timer: QUEST set_server_timer argument count wrong. Because name must be in ""
  12. mafianekcek

    Server_timer PROBLEM

    Hello guys, i have problem with server_timer or server_loop_timer, It do not make no signal, it dont work and game going crash after 1 second. QUEST: quest server_timer begin state start begin when"srv_timer" begin server_timer("shit", 1, pc.get_map_index()) --server_timer("shit", 1) say("You have now server timer apply.") end when shit.server_timer begin chat("ok") end end end But after 1 second it dont do nothing, when i use only server_timer("shit", 1) too not work, but when i change server_timer to only timer, it works perfect, but i need use server_timer for dungeons. SOURCE CODE: int _set_server_timer(lua_State* L) { int n = lua_gettop(L); if ((n != 2 || !lua_isnumber(L, 2) || !lua_isstring(L, 1)) && (n != 3 || !lua_isstring(L, 1) || !lua_isnumber(L, 2) || !lua_isnumber(L, 3))) { sys_err("QUEST set_server_timer argument count wrong."); return 0; } const char * name = lua_tostring(L, 1); double t = lua_tonumber(L, 2); DWORD arg = 0; CQuestManager & q = CQuestManager::instance(); if (lua_isnumber(L, 3)) arg = (DWORD) lua_tonumber(L, 3); int timernpc = q.LoadTimerScript(name); LPEVENT event = quest_create_server_timer_event(name, t, timernpc, false, arg); q.AddServerTimer(name, arg, event); return 0; } Please, can somebody help me? Thank you.
  13. mafianekcek

    Skills problem

    Hello, is here somebody who know very good source C++ and know all about skills (skill_proto) I need help with skills, when i use some skill after 10 second after use game kick me.
  14. mafianekcek

    [Efeect] coloring?

    Hello, dev, I have question, how I can use colors in MSE file(effect)? When i want dark red i dont work, i have still full RED when i have 0.1 or 1.0. Thanks for help.