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  1. Chookez

    c++ Get Index From Client

    It works for me, thanks. @ReFresh Yes, replace the function. Of course, if you've already changed something, check it out.
  2. Chookez

    map Red Empire - Mini Version

    Nice work, but the link is dead.
  3. Chookez

    open Dragon lair

    Hi. I have a little problem with this quest: I'll kill the dragon and all monsters resurrect in the same way. Regen.txt: Someone can help me?
  4. Thanks for sharing. Working perfectly.
  5. Chookez

    open 5 seconds to use item 22010 return

    I did not test it!!!!!! Open char.h and search: DWORD GetLastMoveTime() const { return m_dwLastMoveTime; } Add under: DWORD GetLastItemUseTime() const {return m_dwLastItemUseTime;} Search: DWORD m_dwLastMoveTime; Add under: DWORD m_dwLastItemUseTime; Open char.cpp file and search: m_dwPlayStartTime = m_dwLastMoveTime = get_dword_time(); Add under: m_dwLastItemUseTime = 0; Open char_item.cpp file and search: if (item->GetVnum() != 70302) { PIXEL_POSITION posWarp; int x = 0; int y = 0; double nDist = 0; const double nDistant = 5000.0; //±ÍČŻ±âľďşÎ if (item->GetVnum() == 22010) { x = item->GetSocket(0) - GetX(); y = item->GetSocket(1) - GetY(); } //±ÍČŻşÎ else if (item->GetVnum() == 22000) { SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().GetRecallPositionByEmpire(GetMapIndex(), GetEmpire(), posWarp); if (item->GetSocket(0) == 0) { x = posWarp.x - GetX(); y = posWarp.y - GetY(); } else { x = item->GetSocket(0) - GetX(); y = item->GetSocket(1) - GetY(); } } Add under: int CalcLastItemUseSec = (get_dword_time() - GetLastItemUseTime()) / 1000 + 0.5; if (CalcLastItemUseSec < 5) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("WAIT_5_SEC_TO_USE")); return false; }
  6. Chookez

    open C++ Safebox questions

    Hello everyone. Someone can help me in C++ 1. How i can disable if you die then you can not put the equipped items into storage? 2. How i can disable equipped dragon stone can not storage? -----> "Can not store equipped DragonStone." Successsfully resolved! Please delete the topic.
  7. Hello everyone! I was browsing the web, but i did not find it, so I want to ask if there is someone have one normal plane ingame ItemShop? For that i mean: Anything like this would be perfect.
  8. Greetings! I have a question: How i can do in C++ write a function how one ITEM can reset COSTUME time? (Drawn to costume) Someone can help me? Sorry my bad english.
  9. In exchange.cpp change this: if (0 == s_vDSGrid[wBasePos]) to this: if (0 == s_vDSGrid[wPos])
  10. Chookez

    open Mount CTRL+G TIME

    Thank you for your help. Very big thanks dear ridetpro.
  11. Chookez

    open Mount CTRL+G TIME

    Hello. I would like to ask for help on one thing. How can I order time in C ++ to get up and down in mount? Sorry my english is bad. I'am hungary.