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  1. we are preparing a new update, but currently not have an estimated release time due to low funds
  2. our metin category start to get pretty busy https://ontop500.com/show/metin2 check out and register your server today
  3. Recently we received a report related to our password recovery not working, we are glad to announce the issue was fixed
  4. we have recently fixed an issue that was affecting our visibility on google, our page rank should get back to normal within the next 2-3 weeks
  5. Updated our incentive voting system, curently we offer 2 ways of checking, postback and pingback you can find more information here https://ontop500.com/news/Huge+System+Update
  6. Updated to a new architecture, we are using pretty url now
  7. REGISTER NOW | LIKE US ON FACEBOOK OnTop500 Is o game server toplist project started back in December 2015 and opened it in 2016 and abandoned, leaving it online until the end of November 2017. A lot of people asked to release the source code and database and since we saw so much interest in this platform we decided to reopen it. In 1 year without any advertising, no SEO nothing just a poor html code site managed to reach a total of 19k page views with only 37 active websites registered. Now I invite all of you to recheck the brand new ONTOP500, hopefully you will register your servers and tell your friends about it. We have really big plans with this platform and hopefully can provide weekly updates. A lot of traffic is already guaranteed. Features Updated to bootstrap for a responsive layout Easy registration form, email confirmation system enabled Automatically clean inactive sites for more than 3 months Automatic top reset every first day of the month Easy customizable vote codes NO Premium accounts offering everyone a fair advantage to get on top Weekly categories monitoring to see if we should add/remove a category Website and Gaming and by gaming we mean news about your servers, this system will be improved later on. 12 hours automation system, your players will be able to vote again after 12 hours from the last vote Anti proxy script, votes coming from a proxy address won't count to avoid double voting and other vote hacks