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  1. HesherCy

    open Equipment Ores Question

    i added new bracelets,earrings and etc and i want them to add only pearl ore or gold ore..how i can do that?
  2. HesherCy

    open Equipment Ores Question

    Hello guys is anyone knows how to set on a specific equipment how to set which ore i can apply on through item proto or navicat?
  3. HesherCy

    open Auto Potion Problem

    Hello guys i have a problem with the auto potion when it starts to regenerate hp and sp it starts to glow with some of my armor shinnings...how i can change it to the normal hp and sp regen effect?
  4. HesherCy

    open Problem with quest!

    Ok i managed and found the problem myself #topic_closed
  5. HesherCy

    open Problem with quest!

    guys please if anyone knows very good about quests please pm me so i can send him the quest...me and Dean cant find a solution atm
  6. HesherCy

    open Problem with quest!

    i pmed you thanks for your reply!
  7. HesherCy

    open Problem with quest!

    Hello guys, im working on biologist quests i completed the one i was testing and when the new one appeared it shows the arrow to speak to biologist but when i click on him nothing appears..anyone who knows good please pm me so we can figured out the problem! thanks a lot
  8. HesherCy

    open War observer problem!

    Hello guys, i have a problem when i observe a war when the quest appear and i click on it to join the war it teleports me to the war arena but then teleports me again at the watery cavern near of the sura ghost,why is that happening and it doesnt stay in the war arena?if anyone can help me please i will appreciate it!