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  1. darilaur

    Guild war System

    i have it , pm for details.
  2. darilaur

    WTB Multilanguage full system

    @Raylee thanx for your comment but VegaS don't sell to romanians and my server don't have 6 months online to make him sell to me. Other persons?
  3. darilaur

    WTB Multilanguage full system

    As the title says , i want to buy a full multilanguage system , pm me who have.
  4. darilaur

    Looking for dev to fix 1 bug

    Hello , i implemented skill color sistem , i solved all the bugs i found but this bug i really don't have idea how to solve it , i tried but i don't know .. i need some ideas. this is the bug . I pay for solutions if anyone know .
  5. darilaur

    open I pay for 2 bugs

    Hello , i have 2 bugs and i really don't have any idea how to solve them because i don't get any error from them . First bug is Warrior F character , when i create 1 character warrior f i got instant crash client without error and all players around the character created got crash client with no error(only war f character problem) Second Bug is in Db : Query: cannot find CREATE TABLE `player ` I pay good for this 2 bugs via paypal. I wait your pm or your skype adress.
  6. darilaur

    BUG Warrior Female

    Hi , i have a bug on my server , warrior female is bugged , when i change sex or i make a new character female warrior i got crash client with no error , but the problem is all players in the area where i try to login my war f char get crash . I pay for solution paypal. Skype:
  7. Hello comunity, I´m searching one professional/ good coder for do one multilanguage sistem for my Server. Requirements: -Have to change language in login interface; -Have to can translate: protos, locale_string.txt, translate.lua (Quests), and cliente locale(locale_game.txt, locale_interface.txt and etc...) -In chat show the name of country and a mini banner of country. Payment with Paypal/Paysafecard Without bugs. If you have or can do this send me a PM or add me skype :
  8. darilaur

    open [BUG] Ninja bow skill

    I have this bug on ninja skills , anyone know how to resolve it? And this too , i think is based on the same bug.. I can pay for solutions . PM ME
  9. darilaur

    [Buy] Serverfiles+client+source

    I buy a good server with source , with 50% bugs solved and with this sistems : - acce - costume mount sistem - weapon costume sistem skype : -EDIT-
  10. darilaur

    Shop Offline

    I think is the arg and arg1 , take other source with shop off and compare .. with winmerge
  11. Hi Metin2Dev , I have a project and i need a good client protection , so i wait your pm / skype adress Or add me : -EDIT-
  12. darilaur

    Bug Shoulder sash sistem

    Hi i have 1 problem with shoulder sash sistem .. i think is part of client but idk how to fix .. Screen :