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  1. Sherer

    Gameforge again

  2. Sherer

    How I can use this?

    I don't think it's gonna fix anything but you can try..
  3. Yes you are right. It was already late I didn't realize that mistake
  4. The problem is probably located somewhere else. Send me a DM. I will try to help you with what you have, otherwise we might switch into paid service if we don't figure that out.
  5. Try this one: quest skill_book begin state start begin function GetSkillList2(min_level) local skill_list = special.active_skill_list[pc.get_job()+1][pc.get_skill_group()] local vnum_list = {} local name_list = {} for i = 1,table.getn(skill_list) do local skill_vnum = skill_list[i] local skill_level = pc.get_skill_level(skill_vnum) if skill_level >= min_level and skill_level < 30 then table.insert(vnum_list, skill_list[i]) table.insert(name_list, locale.GM_SKILL_NAME_DICT[skill_vnum]) end end return vnum_list, name_list end when 52101.use or 52102.use or 52103.use or 52104.use with pc.can_warp() begin -- don't forget about checking warp status, otherwise one's can bug is using f.e trade glitch local id_to_job = {[52101] = 0, [52102] = 1, [52103] = 2, [52104] = 3} if pc.get_job() > id_to_job[item.get_vnum()] then say_title (item.get_name()) -- just print book's name say("") say("This book isn't for your race") say("") return end if pc.get_skill_group() == 0 then say_title (item.get_name()) -- just print book's name say("") say("you have no class yet") say("") return end local vnum_list, name_list = skill_book.GetSkillList2(20) if table.getn(vnum_list) == 0 then say_title (item.get_name()) -- just print book's name say("") say_reward ("No skill to upgrade") say("") return end say_title (item.get_name()) -- just print book's name say("") say("choose the skill to upgrade:") say("") table.insert(name_list, "Annulla") local s = select_table(name_list) if s == table.getn(name_list) then return end local skill_name = name_list[s] local skill_vnum = vnum_list[s] local skill_level = pc.get_skill_level(skill_vnum) say_title (item.get_name()) -- just print book's name say("") say("you choose: "..skill_name) say("are you sure to upgrade this?") local a = select("yes","No") if a == 2 then return end pc.set_skill_level (skill_vnum, skill_level+1) pc.remove_item(item.get_vnum(), 1) end end end
  6. Sherer

    open Game Core

    Change optimization level in compilation settings.
  7. Doesn't make a big difference tbh. If you want to switch into VS 2019 you can do this with no hesitation - just keep using current toolset. Here you have manual from xampp site: There is no much of changes to be made in conf.txt.
  8. So that might be some exception call. You can try using ID'a or any kind of other RE tool to manage the execution flow in order to find out what cause this issue.
  9. But is there any freeze with "Program has stopped working" message?
  10. Test it in Debug mode - it's gives you possibility to run JIT and point the crash reason.
  11. Sherer

    open Memory corruption

    How much RAM have you got on your vps?
  12. Sherer

    open Memory corruption

    I don't think pooling is used by default (DEBUG_ALLOC should be disabled in release mode). If you keep std instead of TR1 is good tho. If there wasn't any crash throughout those 35 days where there was no player on your server that probably means that error is linked some player-depended stuff. @masodikbela has came up with right idea. You can try to perform some memory leak diagnose using ASAN or valgrind (depeneds on you): On the other hand you can merge your source into windows and use visual studio's built-in profiler:
  13. Hello, I don't really know if someone else pointed it out but (if not) there you go. There is really ugly yang-bug in guild building code. Open cmd_gm.cpp, go to the do_build function and navigate this kind of code: if (test_server || GMLevel == GM_PLAYER) // °ÇĽł Ŕç·á ĽŇ¸đÇϱâ (Ĺ׼·żˇĽ­´Â GMµµ ĽŇ¸đ) { // °ÇĽł şńżë ĽŇ¸đ ch->PointChange(POINT_GOLD, -t->dwPrice); Looks ok, right? Not really. dwPrice is typed as DWORD. It's never a good idea to subtract unsigned value. That will not cause any damage if your PointChange function takes int as an argument but once you decide to change it to f.e long long, there you have live example: Mitigation: Just cast the value to int/long long: if (test_server || GMLevel == GM_PLAYER) // °ÇĽł Ŕç·á ĽŇ¸đÇϱâ (Ĺ׼·żˇĽ­´Â GMµµ ĽŇ¸đ) { // °ÇĽł şńżë ĽŇ¸đ int iPrice = static_cast<int>(t->dwPrice); ch->PointChange(POINT_GOLD, -iPrice); Regards
  14. Sherer

    open Memory corruption

    First of all there might more than one reason why your game crashes. Your cores gives 3 outcomes where: 1. Malfunction from lua level. If you want to put this under deeper diagnosis consider changing optimization flag: Then gdb should give you more details. 2. Don't use TR1 - it's gonna be deprecated soon (as I know) and since C++11 standard has been released it's pointless to use TR's features (Technical Report was a bridge between C++03 and C++11). Update your gcc, switch from TR1 to stl. That will probably solve this error (worked for me). 3. The third error is a bit tricky and might be tough to figure. Your core shows that there was not enough memory to be allocated thus that strange abort. I would not consider that part as an error-prone - that was probably random code area where system ran out of memory. You should look out for a leak somewhere else. And additional question. Did you disable checkpointing? Is the answer is 'yes' switch it back immediately. If you won't be able to solve those crashes and will be really eager to get it done - send me PM. Keep in mind tho that if there is gonna be a lot of diagnosis coming out I won't do for free. Good luck
  15. Sherer

    open install gcc49

    FreeBSD 9.3 is no more supported thus you can't use pkg utility anymore (probably the url is deprecated). Consider updating your OS to current RELEASE (11.2 or 12.0): On the other hand this might be caused by some network problem. Do some diagnose and you should find the source of issue.