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  1. Hello guys, I want to know how to do some things I have tried a lot but I dont find a good solution... 1. How to do an active affect for Blend like this 2. How to do this time infinite, I just want to active and deactivate the effect of this item. 3. How to change Wind Shoes time to infinite too. 4. How to change the change the time of Ebony in Ebony Earrings (and other accs) to infinite. 5. How to do Sun Elixir infinite too, without a limit. Thank you so much, I'll appreciate a lot, and sorry for my english
  2. Hello guys, I need help with something in PythonMiniMap.cpp I have my own system with map members in minimap, but now I have to improve it differentiating each member of the group, but I dont know how to get them. There is some function like GetMemberGroup or something like that as int or string? For example, I need just to get 1, 2, 3, 4.... for their position in the group. Leader: 1 Second member: 2 Third member: 3 ... I need to get this numbers at least, or something like that. Thank you very much.