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  1. Sandbone

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    If you want to save the atlas correctly you have to load the map, press T to set the camera to angle from that all the objects are visible, then press F6 to re-render the shadows (it may take some time) and finally you can press the save atlas button which will save the atlas to your WorldEditor folder.
  2. Sandbone

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    Did you press T to set the correct view and then F6 to re-render the shadow and minimap .dds images?
  3. Sandbone

    open skill 6

    Lately I faced this problem too. If I remember well I just replaced all the 6th skill files within the pc/pc2 archive with files from different client and all started working perfectly.
  4. Hi devs, this is rather nothing than something and I am not really sure if somene's done it earlier but I am sure that it could be a nice improvement for those who are into mapping just like me. The archive contains a few .mdatr files of buildings from the devils_dragon_update that I improved. From now you will be able to walk through the gazebo, to visit some of the tents and to get closer to the buildings in general. I might be sharing a lot more stuff related to mapping in the future. Credits goes to Ace for a nice collision HowTo . Enjoy! svndbvnv ymir
  5. Sandbone

    Rework Kingdoms Shinsoo & Chunjo

    Great job! As written above I really like the idea of making the maps much smaller, suitable for P-server purposes. I'll lend that one, ahahah.
  6. Sandbone

    Enemy Total War Trees

    Those are awesome! Will fit on classic-like maps perfectly. Thank you!
  7. Sandbone

    open Dragonsoul alchemy inventory bug

    bump C'mon guys. Let's get some extra money.
  8. Sandbone

    open Property already registered

    It seems like you're using two equal numbers for registering your property. Open all of your property files and check if the number inside the .prb file is not contained in any other .prb file. But I am not sure it's the cause of your problem.
  9. Next time quote me in a question so I can see you asked for something. Every item has its attributes. F.e. Sword+0 has these three: "APPLY_ATT_SPEED" 22 "APPLY_NONE" 0 "APPLY_NONE" 0 You can replace the APPLY_NONE with APPLY_SKILL_DAMAGE_BONUS and change the 0 to your value (f.e. 10). Then the sword will add you 10% of skill damage.
  10. Hey, you can use APPLY_SKILL_DAMAGE_BONUS.
  11. Sandbone

    open Map teleport "npc" without underscore

    Then the words must be merged with _ because of the structure of warp location. If you wanna display the name without the _ you gotta rewrite the whole displaying function.
  12. Sandbone

    open Map teleport "npc" without underscore

    Hey, I guess the problem could be rather in your mob_proto.txt. Check if the 4th column of your npc is truly NPC and not WARP.
  13. Hi there, as the title says I am facing a problem with dragonsoul inventory. I've found a couple of similiar topics in here but even though the problem was solved in some cases, I couldn't find a useful answer. The problem is that I cannot use some of the slots in one (nephrite in my case) of the inventory pages. The stones are basically placed in there but as I try to refine 'em it does not work. It works for first row only. Probably, it should be caused by adding more than 2 inventory pages but I've tried everything I could in the last few days and nothing really worked for me. Obviously the syserrs (both server & client) are empty. Same for pyton_log. If someone could just give me a hint or tip what should I look for I'd be so grateful. If someone knows but does not want to share in here, hit me in PM please, I'd bet we can make a deal. Thanx for every comment and have a great time devs! Sandbone
  14. Sandbone

    Magical Damage Bug

    That's exactly what I'm talking about. In charWnd it's increased also the fault has to origin somewhere else. Don't you think so?
  15. Sandbone

    Magical Damage Bug

    At first wrong section. And I'd bet you're talking 'bout the absorbed value in a sash. Let's press C and take a look what's actually hapenning after putting it on.