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  1. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    💥Metin2United 📣PVM-PVP Lv 250 🔥MALLED🔥 SERVER

  2. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    c++ Quick Voice Chat

    Well done
  3. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    💥Metin2United 📣PVM-PVP Lv 250 🔥MALLED🔥 SERVER

  4. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    ah shit here we go again

  5. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    Halloween 2019

    UP PRO xD
  6. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    [Group] Daily Music - Share your favorite!

    Mammoth vs. Gold Skies vs. Body Talk vs. Hands Up vs. Reload (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Mashup) Old but still so good xD
  7. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩


    If you want to make a new server files you have to do alot of staff for the beggining i recomand you watch some tutorials , find all the tools/resources necesarry for that, if you mean new from a to z it's a long way , on that forum you have alot of tools if you search carefully some topics you will find out many things which will help you out, also more info you find on youtube/google....
  8. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    💥Metin2United 📣PVM-PVP Lv 250 🔥MALLED🔥 SERVER

  9. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    💥Metin2United 📣PVM-PVP Lv 250 🔥MALLED🔥 SERVER

    Was , or you left on the past? It's alive and upgraded
  10. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    💥Metin2United 📣PVM-PVP Lv 250 🔥MALLED🔥 SERVER

  11. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    💥Metin2United 📣PVM-PVP Lv 250 🔥MALLED🔥 SERVER

  12. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    💥Metin2United 📣PVM-PVP Lv 250 🔥MALLED🔥 SERVER

  13. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    Metin2United is(n't) dead

    First of first be careful how you talk because we are not friend or some like that i don't agree your language,think first after say something, you can try to buy it , after i put some like 2 years and alot money i donate on that game i do not like to buy something like nothing for alot of money, and also you said never will be open, you have a surprize it's opened and beta Version,almost everything what was on club and United it's still there and on that 30beta version we gonna add more and make 95% like club, just more nicely and news! So next time keep your mouth closed and think first , you don't know me what i can , but still you continue to say shit words about me and alot of people, i don't give a shit about you will better for you to start realized what you can and what not after you can talk with me and fight with words against me! Until the next time cry because the sv it's open and alive and everything will be more great and perfect then club/united. (forum) (site) (discord) (facebook)
  14. ALEX ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩

    map New Dungeon - Solitary II

    Link down, can someone re-upload it looks really nice! ty in advice!
  15. Self made bonus change system