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  1. Fr3zy94

    open Youtubers?

    Gameforge undercover.
  2. Fr3zy94

    Recover Files from a Virtual Desk

    I'm not really sure if there is someone who needs it, but I was. So I compile the GAME/DB in an vhd, and somehow my access was denied, I couldn't log in or access safe mode. This software works with any OS, and you can recover pretty much every data on it. Download:
  3. Fr3zy94

    ymir beta skills

  4. Fr3zy94

    Gameforge sucks

    There are a lot of options that you can replace the original stuff, the only question is it worthed? In my opinion, no, is a bit too late to create something similar to Metin. You know that if I re-write the game, that code is mine, I have the rights to use it. Well technically I'm not selling the car, I'm selling the "ride", and in most cases, stuff in the shop doesn't exist on an official server. In any case, I don't have the rights to use the server in the first place. Like I mentioned before, my problem is with the thief part, not with the ownership. I prefer to call my self a Pirate!
  5. Fr3zy94

    Gameforge sucks

    You know my problem is with the thief part, not the owner part. In court, the judge will request for the analysis of the code and graphic stuff by comparing code.
  6. Fr3zy94

    Gameforge sucks

    Nop, because I didn't steal that car my "car" was bought. So technical I'm not the thief, I'm a "pirate". And if I steal a car and change 80% from it, that isn't your car anymore, except for the engine if i don't replace that too.
  7. Fr3zy94

    Gameforge sucks

    Well, in my case I blame Gameforge for the state that this game is in. But I didn't had any high expectations because I know that everything GF touches, dies, and that's a fact. Regarding the source, I'm pretty sure I didn't steal it. But I agree with you they have all the rights to act against p-servers that are ruin this community, Rubinum wasn't one of the servers that ruin the community. And about the copyrights laws, I'm pretty sure that Iran doesn't have any, and other 2-3 countries. At the rate that sources are modified, we can talk about open source.
  8. Fr3zy94

    security Webzen Earnings Releases "2006" Q3

    It cannot be, that means gameforge give 500k every month. SG bought license for 250k for 3 years.
  9. Fr3zy94

    security Webzen Earnings Releases "2006" Q3

    Wrong. They have like 10 games, and Metin2 is the only game where they don't get direct revenue, they get only share revenue.
  10. Fr3zy94

    security Webzen Earnings Releases "2006" Q3

    They own Mu
  11. Fr3zy94

    security Webzen Earnings Releases "2006" Q3

    Is in milions not unit.
  12. Fr3zy94

    open World Edit - Property

    I'm not really sure whassup but i put an AreaData.txt and with 26 object, and i re-load the map and now there are 25
  13. Fr3zy94

    open World Edit - Property

    It seems that if a property cannot be found is just remove it. The index that I saw was only effects that weren't removed...
  14. Fr3zy94

    open World Edit - Property

    Hi, so I worked for some time at a map, I had some problems with my PC and I re-install the windows. Now World Edit isn't taking the old stuff from property/c/01.Ľş, stuff with strange characters. Anyway that isn't really a problem for me, my problem is that a lot of the prb from a,b,c changed the index for that building... I can fix that but my question how was that happen? Because I cannot understand why some index will chance for no reason. And I don't want to spend 1-2 days every time index change...
  15. Fr3zy94

    Samurai helmets

    Me liky.