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  1. This is not my Server, i only post the presentation Homepage Forum Server starts 12.04.2019 18.00 German time
  2. LordZiege

    c++ Boss Effect Over Head

    I never understand why somebody put .mse/png/tga into "locale", while its not related to some language. Put it in fucking "etc".
  3. LordZiege

    solved shouder sash problem bonus

    i had that problem years ago, i think it was uitooltip or dump_proto mistake (dump_proto source missing COSTUME_SASH) not sure. If dump_proto missing or have wrong item type, the tooltip cant work very well .( my uitooltip all working with item types and not with vnum's)
  4. LordZiege

    open Effect icon

    Go to config -> option- MISC and remove the hook at "auto encoding" and you're done with this problem lol.
  5. LordZiege

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    I told you always my opinion. And the function SetArmor is NOT included. As i said, not a "i put all things in your ass and you have nothing to do" version.
  6. LordZiege

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    maybe because this is only a basic version not a "i put all things in your ass and you have nothing to do" version.
  7. LordZiege

    open officall pet system game.core

    Cant see the pictures. use epvpimg or something like that.
  8. LordZiege

    "improved" windows.dds

    Hey guys, i was bored and this visual "bug" i hate since years, so i corrected the "navi" of the character window. BEFORE: AFTER: Download Virustotal Kind regards
  9. LordZiege

    open problem changing the server name :/

    then search for this in your root archive?!
  10. LordZiege

    open problem changing the server name :/

    god damn open the eyes and search: IDS_APP_NAME its not that hard to press STRG + F
  11. LordZiege

    open problem changing the server name :/

    search on Userinterface.rc for this: IDS_APP_NAME there you can change the name.
  12. LordZiege

    solved #Solved

    Bau deine Item types im source von COSTUME_SASH auf COSTUME_ACCE um? xD und dump_proto source ebenso.
  13. LordZiege

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Anyone have that problem too? When toggle rendertarget system, effects and water are bugging. https://puu.sh/CRs8a/f69eaf447a.gif
  14. LordZiege

    open uicharacter.py buttons showing

    Its easy to fix: Only some little changes in this function: def __SelectSkillGroup(self, index): (uicharacter,.py)
  15. LordZiege

    open Shoes of Wind - New substitute?

    Search in char.cpp this function: void CHARACTER::ComputePoints() inside function search: if (IsPC()) inside if clause search: SetPoint(POINT_MOV_SPEED, Change value in this bracket to 200 and you have 200 move speed as default for all characters. Kind Regards