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  1. LordZiege


    in battle.cpp float CalcAttackRating(LPCHARACTER pkAttacker, LPCHARACTER pkVictim, bool bIgnoreTargetRating)
  2. LordZiege


    Use Mirror to database in database source and load item_proto and mob_proto as txt, mirror to database and ure done
  3. LordZiege


    debug without backtrace. no one will and can help you.
  4. LordZiege


    when you already installed python2.7 then use: python27 instead of python to compile quests. or even change the linking.
  5. LordZiege


    self.GetChild2("Text_Slot29").SetText(str(player.GetStatus(45)*2) + "%")
  6. LordZiege


    Cant see the picture
  7. Train your skill. Target System is very easy to install. Maybe the easiest system to install.
  8. LordZiege


    hey guys, FIX: Use send_letter not in the state before. when you want a letter in next state, send it in that state, not in the state before. problem: quest: https://pastebin.com/HGcEdv6A All other quests working fine. the letter you get after is also working. Kind regards
  9. LordZiege

    I can highly recommend "The Expanse". Acutally the best SciFi series of 2018/2019. Also: Lethal Weapon Sons of Anarchy Vikings Kevin can wait
  10. LordZiege


    not complete. (no old inventory, no old skill window)
  11. LordZiege

    FIXXED: replace open with old_open when you try to write/read files Thanks to @martysama0134 Same problem: 0525 18:26:00904 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0525 18:26:00905 :: File "uiPhaseCurtain.py", line 63, in uiPhaseCurtain.PhaseCurtain.OnUpdate (uiPhaseCurtain.c:1610) 0525 18:26:00905 :: File "networkModule.py", line 152, in networkModule.MainStream.__ChangePhaseWindow (networkModule.c:2792) 0525 18:26:00905 :: File "introLogin.py", line 269, in introLogin.LoginWindow.Open (introLogin.c:6350) 0525 18:26:00905 :: File "introLogin.py", line 1124, in introLogin.LoginWindow.__OpenLoginBoard (introLogin.c:22346) 0525 18:26:00905 :: File "introLogin.py", line 638, in introLogin.LoginWindow.RefreshAccounts (introLogin.c:13213) 0525 18:26:00905 :: File "system.py", line 89, in system.open (system.c:2855) 0525 18:26:00906 :: File "system.py", line 63, in system.pack_file.__init__ (system.c:2171) 0525 18:26:00906 :: AttributeError 0525 18:26:00906 :: : 0525 18:26:00906 :: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'
  12. LordZiege


    always used clean files skilldesc/table and skill_proto from working files, same problem.
  13. LordZiege


    SOLVED: i had to reinstall mysql. There was a problem and he cant read all tables (not metin database problem, problem with mysql itself) Hey guys, i have the following problem: The Bonus is given but the skill is not shown and i can activate skill every second (only visual problem, no attack bonus doubeling or smth. like that) Anyone have an idea? no syserr nothing EDIT: Always compared skilldesc,skilltable etc with other ones, there is no difference Kind regards
  14. LordZiege


    DWORD vnum = pItem->GetIndex(); if (pItem->GetSubType() == CItemData::WEAPON_SWORD) { //NEW WEAPON - [New Effect] - NEW WEAPON if (vnum == 27749) { // Change "ID" to your Weapon ID __ClearWeaponRefineEffect(); // Clear the previous effect m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED + EFFECT_SWORD_REFINED_SPECIAL1; // effect 24 NEW EFFECT } } else if (pItem->GetSubType() == CItemData::WEAPON_DAGGER) { if (vnum == 27769) { m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED + EFFECT_SWORD_REFINED_SPECIAL2; m_swordRefineEffectLeft = EFFECT_REFINED + EFFECT_SWORD_REFINED_SPECIAL2_1; } } else if (pItem->GetSubType() == CItemData::WEAPON_FAN) { if (vnum == 27789){ m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED + EFFECT_SWORD_REFINED_SPECIAL3; } } no more to say
  15. LordZiege


    Create a user named core and set it to localhost and give the correct user privileges. God damn its not that hard to fix it. (When you already created core user, take care that password from user table (unhashed) and password from conf.txt from db core are same.)
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