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  1. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ Refresh Money With Sleep

    That supposed to be a type mistmatch for you, because I'm using the same code and works just fine. https://puu.sh/EEERw/496546dceb.mp4
  2. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ Refresh Money With Sleep

    Did you include the headers? @Chief Try this one:
  3. xP3NG3Rx

    solved Mob in stones

    In the group.txt neither?
  4. v19.6.7 Includes(all last modified files): New map New pet New boss New minigame gui elements New effects for the elemental refined weapons Locales(protos below) v19.6.7 Protos: Download v19.6.8 Locale w/ protos: Download
  5. xP3NG3Rx

    [RLS] Quiver-System

    I don't think so it supposed to work with skills too, I haven't tested it on the official server btw
  6. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ Quick Voice Chat

    I know that this is just the base of the system only, but there are many of users who would like to get "ready-to-eat" food if you know what I mean. Anyway I removed all of these command-line orders like /ride or /whatever already as webzen did, I prefer to make it via packet(s). If I'd implement this one I'd make it fit to my source how I'd like, that makes no problem to me, I already imagined a small extension on the party gui if you click on each members and/or on the board where you setup the exp distribution, possible to make it nice and user friendly.
  7. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ Quick Voice Chat

    Cool idea Only the mute and the collective sending method are missing. For example: send a message to a person instead of everyone. Also mute that person who spamming all the time or something like that.
  8. V19.5.9 New pet, mount, costumes. Locales&protos: Download
  9. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    Holly kebab! This code looks like chernobyl.
  10. xP3NG3Rx

    Pet System

    Guys you flew away with with the prices a little bit. There are many of examples in the source how to do it even if you have close to zero knowledge how to start it, if you have logical thinking you can deal with it. You just have to think in advance two steps or maybe even more what the modification will touch. Of course it depends on the time you spend with it, if your are noobie and it took like 2 months to make it work, still cannot cost more then it deserve. Doesn't matter if it is communicating via packets instead of chatcommand or whatever(however I hate chatcommand based systems), the people will think like this "why would I pay this much if I can use it for free the same maybe with less content" they are giving a shit about how the code looks like if it works, it must to be work and that's it. About the high prices again, I can understand it, if someone will buy it for that high price for sure (s)he will not publish it for free even if his/her server closes. And let me explain my opinion about the official pet system: complete nonsense on private servers, some old or new private server had better then that, but nowadays that is the hype, everyone is trying to copy the official server instead of making own content which might be better then that for sure. Ofc if you are like me(maximalist) and you see a code like the code of the official pet system on public you wouldn't know you should cry or just run away and delete it. Back to the original topic, this what I saw on the video is not a pet system. Might be an extended clone system as someone told you before. To sell it? Make no sense, there are couple of public ones with less opportunities but doing the same, so as I've told you before, why would anyone buy it? Even if they could and would buy it, the clever ones would ask a developer to extend the public code with your stuff for less money. My opinion about these kind of contents: It kills the cooperative, multiplayer gameplay feeling which drives the private servers to death. All of you can think about it, if you would like to open a private server. If you don't need a support character, who could be your friend or a stranger person, you gonna lose after a while players time by time when they get bored.
  11. There will be always negative people no matter what, but could you just stop insult him? Thank you anyway, I just don't understand webzen about this content; selfbuf skill which cause damage around the character which is an archer, a far range attacker.
  12. Reup: https://mega.nz/#!uMIhzIrK!VCjR28udwbbC9a-TOGoldjy2VzBz9icaN-qcTN_0R2s
  13. All modified files from the last update v19.5.7.1 Included the new cube window gui. Protos are dumped into XML format. Cythonized and builtin modules are dumped into metadata. Download Property