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  1. Marchewa™

    open Small Problem Sash System item_scale.txt

  2. Marchewa™

    open Small Problem Sash System item_scale.txt

    @Abel(Tiger) it seems to me that the problem lies in the "AttachSash" function
  3. Hi community metin2dev Someone can solve my problem with the sash problem? Thank You! ;/ @VegaS™
  4. Hello I have a problem with offline stores and the abolished Yang limit. I want to point out that not only I have this problem. Before adding FULL YANG, everything was okay. The problem is that the conditions for converting my yang in the inventory + the cost of the item do not work. The point is that I have the maximum amount of yang in the inventory and so I can put the item as much as possible. When I buy the item and give myself the command Yang again for full yang (max) The problem is that when they pick them up from the "Podarków Windows" they disappear. The Source Game does not block Yang pickup but it should If you do not understand the problem, he will show it in the pictures Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 fail Block condition char.cpp Block condition shop_manager.cpp Block condition cmd_general.cpp
  5. Marchewa™

    solved Problem with the effect of creating items

    Problem Solved
  6. Hi users dev I have a problem with the effect that is applied after using an item, for example, a sash, a lollipop ring. The effect is activated once and not once. Visible in the picture. I'm using sourcebin "clean metin2dev" I will add that the problem only occurs when compiling on "distribute" on "debug, everything is fine. The second effect did not turn on Sometimes he turned on When compiling a source bin on "debug", the effect works all the time did anyone meet such a problem?
  7. Marchewa™

    open System Multilanguage

  8. Marchewa™

    open System Multilanguage

    Hi community metin2dev. Sorry for my English is very weak. I want to do my multilingual system ... Each country would have its own game client. I wonder how to add the name of the country, for example [PL] = Poland [D] = Germany. Markings from car plates. In bin-source, as I set it for example with [PL] and in a German client [D] it reads to me [PL] alone and on German [D] What to do to let the customer see his country symbol for each country? I will add the code below as I did Thank you very much for every answer
  9. Marchewa™

    [HELP] Button stays on screen when I open quests

    Comment / delete this in the file if app.ENABLE_NEW_EQUIPMENT_SYSTEM: self.wndBelt = BeltInventoryWindow(self) self.expandBtn = self.GetChild("ExpandBtn") self.minBtn = self.GetChild("MinimizeBtn") self.expandBtn.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OpenInventory)) self.minBtn.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.CloseInventory)) if localeInfo.IsARABIC() : self.expandBtn.SetPosition(self.expandBtn.GetWidth() - 2, 15) self.wndBeltInventoryLayer.SetPosition(self.wndBeltInventoryLayer.GetWidth() - 5, 0) self.minBtn.SetPosition(self.minBtn.GetWidth() + 3, 15)
  10. Marchewa™

    open [C++] Small Sash Bug

    T4ump spam :/
  11. Marchewa™

    open [C++] Small Sash Bug

    Hello I have a problem when I assume the sash it appears on the form, but how to remove it is the model I left and the icon appears in the inventory. I take off when he gets on a horse or changes his costume / armor. When you put on another sash the model is normally changing in character. What may be the problem ? *** These are Turkish server files *** sash models will diminish from the original icons