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  1. DarthNeno

    Offline Shop Koray

  2. DarthNeno

    Offline Shop Koray

    Hei everybody, i want add the offline_shop from Koray but when i start the Server i get this error: Boot: offline shop table size error I hope anybody can help me to fix this error
  3. DarthNeno

    Questdialog doesnt close

    Hello everybody, i have a Problem. when i close a quest the dialog doesnt remove :/
  4. DarthNeno

    some C++

  5. DarthNeno

    [C++] How to get a VIP

    All works fine but i dont get the VIP emblem in game :/ can anyone help me?
  6. DarthNeno

    [RELEASE] VIP System from SRC

    Nice tutorial but i have a bug.. now the VIP have the same rights like a LOW_WIZARD..
  7. DarthNeno

    Run metin server on Hetzner

    Hetzner is crap, they block the VPS when you have a metin2 server on it... buy a vps on there you get a very nice price for good server and realy nice support
  8. DarthNeno

    some C++

    Hei community, i have some question... 1. when the skill berserk get P then i get more damage where can i delete this? 2. in my syserr i get the error: MALL_BONUS exceeded over 100!! point type: 116 name: Testname amount 50 // How can i fix this?
  9. DarthNeno

    Sash absorbation

  10. DarthNeno

    Netoxia2 Middleschool

    Netoxia2 Homepage
  11. DarthNeno

    Sash absorbation

  12. DarthNeno

    Sash absorbation

    New Bug... When i absorbate then i have the attribute from weapon but the attack value and attack speed from weapon removed after 2-3 hours.. i hope you can help me
  13. DarthNeno

    New Blacksmith

    Hello, I need a new Blacksmith and new Quest.. When i kill the Blue Dead its spawn the new Blacksmith to 5% When i upgrade at this Blacksmith the refine chance 100% but with the normal Items. if anyone code this for me i will pay for it!
  14. DarthNeno

    Sash absorbation

    xDD Thank you very much
  15. DarthNeno

    Sash absorbation

    Item Vnum = 85004 and 85008 NPC Venum = 20091