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  1. adrianadyy

    Client Cordinate FPS

  2. adrianadyy

    open client error

    Now I have this error in sysser 0719 16:14:01587 :: __LoadScript GetChild LoginWindow.__LoadScript.BindObject - <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:'ChannelList' 0719 16:14:01587 :: ============================================================================================================ 0719 16:14:01587 :: Abort!!!!
  3. adrianadyy

    Client Cordinate FPS

    Hy! I have same situation,can you say me when to find and what to change?
  4. adrianadyy

    open client error

    can someone help me please? Or to give me one tutorial about how to install one similar system in client please?
  5. adrianadyy

    open client error

    I don't modified nothing in
  6. adrianadyy

    open client error

    Hy! I want to install trade duel v3,but I have soms problems with this in client when I try to install it,I think isn't good installed in client,but I don't know where is the problem. sysser client ss with error folders who was modified when I tryed to install this system in client Can someone help me please with one tutorial for this system or with install in folders please?
  7. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    t/c solved
  8. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    Can someone help me please?
  9. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    Now I tryed with a new map with index 181 and not work.This teleport me in map2 Yellow
  10. adrianadyy

    open Problem

    Hello, I have a bug on map1 red and on multiple maps. When a player reaches certain parts of the map he gets kicked and can not enter the character. I tried to change the maps to my client and serverfiles,but it did not work. The problem is not from map allow, who can help me? syserr:
  11. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    This quest teleport me when I'm in orc map,and I pres in npc 20093 this teleport me in map farm(index 103) and after 15 minutes this quest most teleport me in map1,but this don't work.
  12. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    I entered 2 accounts and waited an hour and did not go, one with GM and one normal