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  1. Natox

    OX Reward Update

    Good job dude
  2. Natox

    [C++] Storing affects for check later

    Thank you for sharing.
  3. Natox

    Infected garden

    Amazing ! Good job dude
  4. Natox

    Mde Weapons and new skillset

  5. Natox

    Princess assassin

    Will you also do the other races ?
  6. Natox

    open Resistance HH

    The compilation to work, so I have nothing else to change for the bonus ?
  7. Natox

    open Resistance HH

    The problem is that I am not a pro in C ++
  8. Natox

    open Resistance HH

    I have this problem :/
  9. Natox

    open Resistance HH

    I just want to have the same thing as the official and I'm looking for a sharing with the installation of the bonus
  10. Natox

    open Resistance HH

    Lol 40 euros for just one bonus xD It's more expensive
  11. Natox

    open Resistance HH

    I suspect it's simple but not necessarily for me, that's why I'm asking for help.