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  1. dothu

    solved Display bug

    Thank you mate! Dump_proto was the problem!
  2. dothu

    solved Display bug

  3. dothu

    solved Display bug

  4. dothu

    solved Display bug

    Hi metin2dev! I have a problem with attbonus_wolfman and resist wolfman. The problem: attbonus_wolfman is displayed as bleeding_pct and resist_wolfman is displayed as bleeding_reduce. Can somebody help me please?
  5. dothu

    open ATT_GRANDE_BONUS Bug?

    I really need help guys! Somebody can help me?
  6. Hey guys, I would like to ask for help..i have problems for fighting for a while. I do not know how to fix it. Offensive Value (ATT_GRANDE_BONUS) is not showing on a client side. (Character panel [press C]) It adds, the bonus works, but I can not see it. I ve seen before, "maxmi sf" knew this problem to be improved. But I do not want to use a new sf. Do you have any idea how can I fix it? In client source, or other? Sorry for my english. Thank you! Dothu