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  1. Mário.

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    It's not that hard. if (!PERF_CHECKER_RENDER_GAME) { m_kRenderTargetManager.RenderBackgrounds(); float fAspect=m_kWndMgr.GetAspect(); float fFarClip=m_pyBackground.GetFarClip(); m_pyGraphic.SetPerspective(30.0f, fAspect, 100.0, fFarClip); CCullingManager::Instance().Process(); m_kChrMgr.Deform(); m_kEftMgr.Update(); m_kRenderTargetManager.DeformModels();
  2. Mário.

    open time in map quest

    You can't put pc functions inside of global functions, it will crash the server.
  3. Mário.

    open Searching for a solution

    // char_battle.cpp #define MAP_INDEX 3 void CHARACTER::SetPKMode(BYTE bPKMode) { if (bPKMode >= PK_MODE_MAX_NUM) return; if (GetMapIndex() == MAP_INDEX) { if (IsGM()) bPKMode = PK_MODE_PROTECT; else bPKMode = PK_MODE_FREE; }
  4. when kill with npc.is_pc() begin syschat'1 player killed' end
  5. Mário.

    About Vegas ban

    Well, I can understand that and you're right, there are way worse subjects to take care 1st but we already know that this forum is dead.
  6. Mário.

    I will pay for fix

  7. Mário.

    I will pay for fix

  8. Mário.

    open error create guild

    Probably he has this set to false, we don't know. But the reason is because he has the martysama source and doesn't know how to manage it.
  9. Mário.

    open error create guild

    Go to packet_info.cpp and set true the packet AnswerMakeGuild: Set(HEADER_CG_ANSWER_MAKE_GUILD, sizeof(TPacketCGAnswerMakeGuild), "AnswerMakeGuild", true);
  10. Mário.

    I will pay for fix

    I don't know why, but when I login and teleport, the character doesn't move, like in the Picture: The error that syserr gives me is this: SYSERR: Dec 2 20:30:15.320040 :: Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 3 SYSERR: Dec 2 20:30:15.320999 :: Process: SEQUENCE 295e5800 mismatch 0xca != 0x2f header 3 SYSERR: Dec 2 20:30:15.321020 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [UNKNOWN]------------- This leads to the header HEADER_CG_MOVE but for some reason, i don't know how to solve it. I put the "case HEADER_CG_MOVE: break;" in input_login.cpp and that just remove/hide the first error but the error persists. I know this is a simple error but I don't have many time (as I had in the past) and I want to solve this fast, so I will pay for the fix. [20/03/2018] -> Solved (db & input_db.cpp)
  11. Well, i have this problem a couple days back and im not getting the solution for that. I've searched a lot about the error but nothing has anny effect. Error: Show: cannot find sectree by 505608x920565 mapindex 1 Motive for the error: Honeslty, i don't know. The only modification I made in folder map was add an npc in one map (id 63 - flame land), nothing about the map índex 1 Services affected: Everything except auth. I can enter the game and select the persona, but I can't enter to the game. What I done to solve the problem: Put the index 1 in MAP_ALLOW in all the configs, inclusive the channel 99. With this the error isn't showing in syserr but I still can't enter the game; I toke the npc from the flame land but didn't work; I edit 100% the folder map but I still can't enter the game; I was in the source/building.cpp where the error is going to display and I took that line but the error pass from that to this: ForAttrRegion: Cannot find SECTREE_MAP by map index 1 I create another account but yeah, you already know the anwser; I put the backup from 25/11/2017 and still not a solution; Even the originals files I put and nothing; Did rebuild on the cliente and source and still nothing; Solved: The error was on the database.
  12. Mário.

    c++ Official Group Search

    What was wrong was the way you spoke. The correct answer would be "Although there are better ways to do this, thank you for sharing your work!", not what you said. This is a system like the official one and even if it was done with "bad code" as you say, the result is the same. ON: Thank you Mali61 for releasing this, keep it up.
  13. Mário.

    open Auto Notice every 2 hours

    -- They are 3 notices, if you only want 1, just remove the others two, change the timer("timer1") to just timer("timer") and create a when timer.timer quest auto_notice begin state start begin when login begin timer("timer1", 7200) -- 2h in seconds, they set the timer for the timer1.timer notice("Mário 123") -- Your notice when you login // this will happen always you relog, alt, etc. If you don't what that, just remove. end when timer1.timer begin timer("timer2", 7200) -- Set the time for the next timer (timer2.timer) notice("Mário 123") -- The notice when the timer1 finish end when timer2.timer begin timer("timer", 7200) -- "" notice("Mário 123") -- "" end end end
  14. Mário.

    c++ Ride the horse after death

    Don't do this in no circumstance, you don't have to be a genius to realize what he did by commenting the else if (GetMountVnum()): RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT_BONUS); If you die, the bonus from the mount will not be remove as they are supposed to. So, if you want to do something, do it properly: void CHARACTER::Dead(LPCHARACTER pkKiller, bool bImmediateDead) { if (IsDead()) return; { if (GetMountVnum()) { RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT_BONUS); m_dwMountVnum = 0; UnEquipSpecialRideUniqueItem(); UpdatePacket(); } }