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  1. .apex'


    Thank you guys! And sorry, I‘ve fixed the download. Did not know, that anyone else cannot download the file. sincerly, apex
  2. .apex'


    Hello, I'm here to share a little easter present with you guys. Features: - about 12 hours work - 4x4 Level/Farmmap - high realism with many little details - attr and minimap - capedragonhead textureset sowie mtthunder environment Screenshots: keep in mind that I've used some of iAce aka. CryPrimes objects, which he has published on youtube. You can find some reuploads on other boards! A big thanks to Ace! Also you have to edit the Settings.txt and atlasinfo with your own coordinates! https://mega.nz/#!HyRDDZ6R!1sQ1lsXPe3ZTG3qU2F53vsu7-wN-SVk42YAAYLqC34E Password for the download is byapex I wish you an nice weekend, enjoy the holidays with your friends and family Sincerly, apex
  3. .apex'

    Wow, looks awesome as always plechito!
  4. .apex'

    The armors and hairstyles are sick, awesome work!
  5. .apex'

    Hey, has somebody a Clean 40k Client with Wolfman & Shoulder Sash Root Files? Would be nice! Thank you!
  6. .apex'

    oh man, mine is such unorganized, so many music and a load of some other shit..
  7. .apex'

    It's awesome, perfect!
  8. .apex'

    I think a feature for new brushes would be awesome! So we can put some brushes in a directory and the WorldEditor imports it on its own.
  9. .apex'

    Oh my god, this looks totally awesome! Thank you for this preview.. I think I'll follow the development of the game and I think, I'll buy it for the Playstation 4. This is so awesome. Unbelievable!
  10. .apex'

    Yes, i'm using pre_qc, it worked the last days without problems, so I don't know why there are problems know.. I have there already a pre_qc folder and half and our it worked. But now.. I don't know..
  11. .apex'

    Hello! 10 Minutes ago I've got an error and I don't know how to fix it. So I dont know why this error exists, 20 Minutes ago the compiler works without problems, I've just uploaded a new questfile. So this is curious. I hope you're able to help me once again. Sincerly, apex
  12. .apex'

    Oh man, I love Assassins Creed. I've played every game and my favourite game is Assassins Creed 2. Ezio is the guy with the most emotion, the complete storyline ist just awesome. The multiplayer is good, but I prefer the singleplayer. The experience is much better.
  13. .apex'

    No, not at all. I think it fits good to this map, but for the most other maps the new textures are better. And yes, its a little bit tricky to work with many textures. I'll improve this at the next map!
  14. .apex'

    Thank you! @Topic: I've added the password, sorry to all who downloaded the file and did not know the password.
  15. .apex'

    File Name: metin2_map_n8d2 File Submitter: .apex' File Submitted: 13 Feb 2014 File Category: Maps Heyho! I'm here today to share my first map made with the WorldEditor. My old maps were made with photoshop, so this is something different for me. Details: - 4x4 - YMIR textureset completly used - Minimap/Shadowmap included - Large Areas, Dungeon Entrance and a little Town Attention! I've used some of the Bushed from THIS thread. A big thanks to Hirabi! You have to put them in your client, otherwise you will get some errors. Screenshots: All Screenshots were made with the WorldEditor. I think the map looks quite good with this old a1 textureset. I did not tested the Map with an Server, only with an older localclient. It worked with the old client, so I think it will also work with the newer ones. Please do not (re)upload the map on other forums. This is exclusive for metin2dev.org. So I hope you like that map. Please tell me everything to improve my skills and this map. The password is metin2dev.org Thanks to: InyaProduction Hirabi KillMoveS blackout Sincerly, apex Click here to download this file