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    If he is using C++11 he can use the auto feature but i told him to try both ways to be sure the problem is not from the auto instead of iterator. The SAFE_DELETE(pWin) / delete pWin doesn't matter the problem won't fix that. m_strName If is not declared at first place is not belong in the list so isn't a problem.


    The problem actually happens from here: void CWindowManager::Update() { // If this code is commented is working fine. // __ClearReserveDeleteWindowList(); // And add this instead: _ReserveDeleteWindowList.clear(); m_pRootWindow->Update(); } So is happening when the CWindowManager is sending the Update() -> OnUIUpdate (PythonApplication), is not actually easy to follow this func to find what cause the problem, if @Minton could give us more info what he have added in his source and the problem appear would be nice.


    Let us know if this works.


    I have analyze a lot of that kind of crashes, i'm pretty sure that i know exactly where the problem is. Send me your PythonWindowManager.cpp

    @Apranax Gameforge already knew about Aeldra even if he report doesn't mean nothing, Gameforce could close Aeldra at first place if they really could thats why i come up with that conclusion. If you said that the Messages is edited then is different story, Okay. * My statement is wrong, so i asked for deletion.


    Cool, Thanks, i will try to do it too.


    Thats very nice. I think this could solve a issue when you extend the APP in the Task Manager and choose Maximize and the Graphics just got ugly, let me know if this is not happening with your method.


    Can you show me with gif what you mean with the bordeless / full screen over the taskbar? Is not possible with this method to do the Render as i know.

    What? So Gameforge can't do nothing, and you can? You closed one of the Biggest Servers included Aeldra + Elonia and now you gonna close the next Targets that Gameforge wanted to? What benefits do you get from this? Be friends with Gameforge?
  10. HITRON

    Seems that Gameforge closed them.
  11. HITRON


    Yes, Thank you all for the fast respond in my question this really helped me out.
  12. HITRON


    I was trying to make the real board to work with Render thats why i didn't had any success, your method is clever and really this helped me a lot now. Thank you very much!
  13. HITRON


    I stored the width of the parent window in the rect, but i think is because of the board Image is little bit curve at the edges need to use something as prefix to render like 5px before but what will happen with other boards? Is rendering outside both of them. Is working perfectly in all sides, for you is working good without to getting out from the board? As i saw in the video that Denis shared seems that @masodikbela have the same issue as me, do you have fixed it? Thanks.
  14. HITRON


    It was hard but i figure it out and i did it full in all Images and every single Textline in any case, I think i got lost when i rewrote the whole PythonWindow but i got a issue that is not taking the right size of the board and is hiding the Text / Image when is little bit out from the Window anyone who can guide a little bit? (I did a lot of changes in ui.py too but the only thing that left is that.)
  15. HITRON


    @Vanilla I coded it with C++ there is not reason to use lua code for this, useless flags and functions that server core sends for use, I already coded the checks if the boss is dead before spawn again and working perfectly. Maybe is possible with the functions that Vanilla Core already has to be done with quest, but someone who asking "How to do this" obviously he search for a ready Tutorial and he have no clue how to coding, so I'm just offering my services cause the system takes me some hours to be done and i don't feel to want to share it for free. Thanks.