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  1. Raicon

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    Just open the Rubinum Src and let the magic happen. I like the idea overall, because it can be really useful. But i had done this on Inception years ago and i dont know if my code wasnt solid enought, but some players were abel to skip several parts in "dungeons" if they just hit eachother into the walls and did the unstuck... Anyways nice work
  2. This is even Lennts work. I also got it but i want a better one. (Jeha they all do the same but lennt isnt a good coder, he just c&p code fragments). But thanks for your answer
  3. PACI told me he wont sell it anymore.. This is why im searching for now.
  4. Hello guys, im searching for some professional coded dungeon runs, not like LENNT! This dungeons are the arboreal menace dungeon and meleys lair. But in first order im searching for the arboreal menace. This dungeons should be closely to the gf version with their effects and so on. If you know somebody let me know about and leave a response. Thanks in advance!
  5. Raicon

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    I dont want the likes. For what should i use likes? I just mean the community in general. Nobody says thanks for the work, they just see the stuff and download it. That is just sad in my opionion. Nobody cares about the people who did the work and just take it. And the release is for the guys which try to sell it. So take it and be happy
  6. Raicon

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    It is funny how fast people react if they cant get it But they never say "Thanks mate"!iN4SCBIB!9cZBJPLsD8OINiFF6K7uRxMFyCcrAtETe3yjFcEXCLM Here is a new one
  7. Raicon

    [Official] Unpacked Updates!6dYyiQ6B!9cZBJPLsD8OINiFF6K7uRxMFyCcrAtETe3yjFcEXCLM 16.2 Update from germany
  8. Raicon

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    Maybe u can say that i unpacked it. Both. Plechito just reuploaded mine and xxDarkxx just posted my links. No, i unpacked it long time ago... As you can see on my older topic Armors bear i'm on this new map... I don't need reupload things from other people. Actually i wrote on epvp i probably release this and in few minutes you released it and now you say i have it from you? Wow... Than told me why ur upload has the same time as mine? I dont got it from other people i unpacked it together with .Alpha/Nova.
  9. Raicon

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    Maybe u can say that i unpacked it. Both. Plechito just reuploaded mine and xxDarkxx just posted my links.
  10. Raicon

    Unpack Metin2 official client patch

    For me the extractor even shows the error: "File dosent exist!". Just sometimes it works. (Atlasinfo.txt in locale/pa as example).
  11. Raicon

    2015 Client with working objectanimations

    Just changed and added some parts in the binary. The object was just an exampel. How i had done it excatly wont get shared. (sry)
  12. Raicon

    2015 Client with working objectanimations

    What do u mean?
  13. Raicon

    2015 Client with working objectanimations

    thanks but it was more simpel as i had expected
  14. Hey Guys, i just want to show you that i got the animations on object back to work. (Like 2010).
  15. Raicon

    [HowTo] Unpack official patches

    I unpacked the offical files form germany yesterday and i got no problems while unpacking them. So for me the method is still working.