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    Meme - Thread

  2. Galet

    open Duel bug?

    Actually you don't, It's like, a line or two and you remove such thing, it wasn't like that few years ago and I got rid of it a long time ago as well a some other people did, it's in char_battle and about the syncing of the character
  3. Galet

    M2K-Metin2 2008 LIKE NOT HOSTED

    Put the old textures and it will be it haha
  4. Galet

    [RLS]New Pickup Yang Logs

    Hey, Actually you just have to add "import grp" as it is already included by default (and already used elsewhere, i.e Thanks anyway
  5. Galet

    ymir beta skills

    Maybe the sword, however I am really interested in an old client, oldest I found was 2004 I think, was never able to find an oldest client (alpha / beta related)
  6. Galet

    ymir beta skills

    Where did you get the value (if you get?) of the skills? But it's maybe just a visual demo, which would still be cool imo By the way I completely agree with you, some things in beta was definitely good enough to be kept, for example old armors that never made it after beta; highly disappointing
  7. Galet

    ymir beta skills

    Hey, pretty cool! But I don't think it is official, that's why I am wondering why did you put such title. Or is it something that was prepared by ymir back then?
  8. I am thinking about something, what if you block someone and your guild fight against this guy? You won't be able to see him nor to pvp with him, which might be an exploit if for example, even more with the fact that you won't see him but he will see you, which is unfair during guild fight.
  9. Galet

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    You know, importing a module doesn't only means importing a python file, right?
  10. Galet

    Server under windows

    Hello, Simply compile both game and db under windows, then use a locale database such as UWAMP and don't forget symbolic links (shortcuts under windows)
  11. Galet

    3rd Part Libraries List

    We share the same point of view, those are not needed nor vital libs for the client and usually not used by the majority (we also have a MovieMan, Hshield and stuff)
  12. Galet

    3rd Part Libraries List

    There is some special defines for external programs such as Themida and Xtrap but those are higly depreciated imo
  13. Galet

    What OS you ran your server on?

    I usually run my local server on Windows, way better to launch and nice debugging through Visual Studio. Otherwise, I use FreeBSD, never tried DragonFlyBSD though (and it doesn't seems better looking at benchmarks). Debian can also be used if you find the proper equivalences. But I usually stick of FreeBSD
  14. Galet

    solved Search: Manu-Seal from Metin2 DE

    And I don't want to share because I only come here to ask for help?
  15. Galet

    solved Belt inventory slots..

    You're welcome! I wouldn't say that, the system needs a few tweaks to be fully "fixed" in my opinion
  16. Galet

    solved Belt inventory slots..

    Hi, it's a well known bug, check this out and look a bit on the forum
  17. It's for example purposes. You can change it for a lot of things and pretty much whatever you want. This system is really usefull as it changes alignment name based on the sex of the player, which is not especially useful in english but it is in a lot of languages. For example in French "Agressif / Agressive" "Cruel / Cruelle" "Chevalier / Chevaleresse".
  18. Hello community, I'm looking for the newest drops released and also an english locale_string. Also if it's a full locale (containing quest and maps) I won't say no. Thanks ! Also, here is the latest one I have, from 2014 (containing everything up to Nemere or Razador I think but also there's some drop bug in common_drop_item) : Source : .plechito'
  19. Galet

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    It will enhance the stability and the rapidity a little bit but nothing really insane if you're only updating. Though I recommend doing these ASAP. I'm always updating the libs used by the game and the client since 2014. Also, if you know how to code you can easily take the advantage of these updates. Serverside-wise, you can update some depreciated code and upgrade the c++ standarts from std98 to something like std14, std17 (recommended) or std20 (experimental).
  20. Galet

    New water texture.

    That's kinda weird because I remember the link under the video but not the site where you can get the link. At least I knew it was in the description, weird anyways
  21. Galet

    New water texture.

    Dude are you serious ?
  22. No, unless you made the changes by yourself through other libraries, nothing has changed there.
  23. Galet

    Several toughts

    Yup I know that about the trees, they just added the support for the trees, nothing more
  24. Galet

    Several toughts

    About performances it's more about fixing old bugs related to old engine issues (such as trees not using any LOD's, Sound issues related to the age of the sound engine and so on). But the backlash of actually upgrading an old engine is that the new one requieres more performance. I should ask him for benchmarks. About footages, I only have some screenshots and one audio video, but that's still in beta and he want's to keep these things secret, that's why I don't go too much into details. I can ask him though