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  1. That's really cool the way you did, thanks! However, there is also the good old "time.strftime('[%X]')" that does the same as the thing he asked for
  2. Galet

    open Rejecting characters during PvP

    Hello, You need to use sources... It's a "SetSyncOwner" default
  3. That's already in the sources, you need to define it if it is not working right off the bat, then put the video in your client and name it "logo1.avi"
  4. How dares he share a complete update of a skill with a wrong path to an image in the effect?! I would ten times keep the old skill without effect error
  5. Galet

    c++ Boss Effect Over Head

    I advise you to follow the tutorial and place the effect here : d:/ymir work/effect/etc/boss_effect/boss.mse Your path (d:/locale/es/effect/boss.mse) is incorrect, thus the effect won't load.
  6. Galet

    c++ Boss Effect Over Head

    You installed this system. Joke aside, you compile under VS2008 toolset which actually doesn't really like uint32_t, either upgrade the solution to a newer toolset version, or use this workaround (add it in the header). typedef __int32 int32_t; typedef unsigned __int32 uint32_t;
  7. Galet

    open how to build python27.dll in source

    Build it as static
  8. Galet

    open how?

    What? If you are speaking about this site, Metin2Dev is not a game itself
  9. Galet

    open Metin2 official unpacker? How to?

    MoustiKk was a fucking legend back then though
  10. Galet

    [GUIDE]Speed Up Build Time For FreeBSD

    Great, thanks for sharing! Another good thing is CCache, which drastically decreases compilation time by using cache, though it can sometimes be buggy for small modifications. Though I rarely use it
  11. Do you just really bumped a question inside a release post?
  12. Galet

    ymir beta skills

    Where did you get such wonderful piece?
  13. Galet

    ymir beta skills

    Prototype armors are dope
  14. Galet

    open Remove Unused Functions

    Pro-tip : You look at them, you remove them (and check if they don't have any "dependencies")
  15. Galet


    9000 IQ, I always did it by hand and it was a pain
  16. Galet

    open Crit effect like Shiro3

    Hello, It's juste enabling piercing hit effect, base yourself upon purple and green potions!
  17. Thank you! Here is the same version of the game, in Turkish this time :!wZ0X3AbQ!7nflhkfbKGf4d2tBQF0i8hyQQ8NHltl8iwTJQU2CN5Q
  18. Galet

    [FIX]Removing From Messenger Fix

    Hey, Something interesting there:
  19. Galet

    Meme - Thread

  20. Galet

    open Duel bug?

    Actually you don't, It's like, a line or two and you remove such thing, it wasn't like that few years ago and I got rid of it a long time ago as well a some other people did, it's in char_battle and about the syncing of the character
  21. Galet

    M2K-Metin2 2008 LIKE NOT HOSTED

    Put the old textures and it will be it haha
  22. Galet

    [RLS]New Pickup Yang Logs

    Hey, Actually you just have to add "import grp" as it is already included by default (and already used elsewhere, i.e Thanks anyway
  23. Galet

    ymir beta skills

    Maybe the sword, however I am really interested in an old client, oldest I found was 2004 I think, was never able to find an oldest client (alpha / beta related)
  24. Galet

    ymir beta skills

    Where did you get the value (if you get?) of the skills? But it's maybe just a visual demo, which would still be cool imo By the way I completely agree with you, some things in beta was definitely good enough to be kept, for example old armors that never made it after beta; highly disappointing
  25. Galet

    ymir beta skills

    Hey, pretty cool! But I don't think it is official, that's why I am wondering why did you put such title. Or is it something that was prepared by ymir back then?