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  1. Denny2399

    open Upgrade from v120 to v141 - dx library problem

    Better? Also, I've been trying to find help for this one for a quite a while, so I don't know what's bad about bumping it so that someone experienced might notice. Many questions stay unresolved even for 3 years. And before I posted this I spend 4 days looking for answers and resolving it myself. I know you are not an expert, just trying to find someone who knows something about this.
  2. Denny2399

    open Upgrade from v120 to v141 - dx library problem

    Trying to upgrade v120 toolset to v141 toolset. And I don't know if this is a common way to answer by the way, very unpleasant. If you just looked at the title and the error you would have known.
  3. Denny2399

    open Which granny version am I using?

    Look into source, it should be in userinterface.cpp
  4. Denny2399

    open Server Channel Always show ...

    That's thing
  5. Hey guys, Got this error while compiling on vs2017: Tried to upgrade the toolset, upgraded extern to v141, resolved all other errors and this one is still unclear to me. Could you help me please?
  6. Denny2399

    open DX8 and Eterlib

    Eterlib error solved thanks to this:
  7. Denny2399

    open DX8 and Eterlib

  8. Denny2399

    open DX8 and Eterlib

  9. Denny2399

    open DX8 and Eterlib

  10. Denny2399

    open DX8 and Eterlib

    Hello, so I've tried to upgrade from v120 toolset to v141.. Upgraded my extern to that toolset, but I'm still getting 2 errors. One is with directx8 lib and the second one is with the eterlib.lib. I've searched the internet for a directx8 SDK, but no luck. Any solution? Regards.
  11. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

  12. Denny2399

    solved Compiling source on newest FreeBSD

    Thank you for your answers, really helpful #closed
  13. Denny2399

    open Latest client ?

    For the launcher, you would need a source of an official client which is not obtainable at the moment.