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  1. Tatsumaru

    open Gr2 mesh converter

    This and other model elements will be removed in 3dsmax
  2. Tatsumaru

    Stones for the map

    There is not much to say here. They are simply boulders for the map. Download:!rhliAQYa!5vxhT2_8ojFseCyIzVdSwEggXWch2ckakzF-pogo5yA Special place:
  3. Tatsumaru

    Alternative zodiac suit for ninja

    This is the official armor, but deprived of shoulders and a chain around the neck. Only for him. Download:!vxcy3ALD!h0lvpchTvKbk1oPBlfhkOW7ATEXHf-Y0qRp7j8Ggpws
  4. Tatsumaru

    Animal system window

    I do not remember why I did it, but probably for no particular purpose. Maybe it will be useful to someone. Download:!ns8gBA4Z!AYJYX7iKEWlKG5WM4vZ3nb4x78IpZXYK3zmojXL6ks4
  5. Tatsumaru

    open Looking for this Hair

    These hairs are the original metin model and you can find them under the name hair_50_1.gr2 (metin2_patch_easter2016). You will find the unpacked files of the official server in this forum.
  6. Tatsumaru

    [C++] White textures fix

    It's enough to reassign the texture path in the backchon_lod_01.gr2 model, because it is incorrect.
  7. Tatsumaru

    [TOOL]Advanced Regen Editor

    Nice program If you're still developing this program. It's my suggestion to squeeze the options and add a wind rose, you can also change the interface to a darker one. It would be nice if you could move the map pressed by the mouse wheel. Example:
  8. Tatsumaru

    solved Old error with sound

    Thank you, it works great I think the topic can be moved to guides.
  9. Tatsumaru

    solved Old error with sound

    I asked friends about this error and everyone has it. I have downloaded a server from another country (calliope2) and the error also occurs there. As I say, I did not meet any server without this error. WeedHex You too no have this error too?
  10. When trying to increase the visibility of the vertebrae, overall brightness also increases. By the way, I observed that the effect varies depending on the set resolution of the game. For example, in 1024 the effect will look good, and when we change the game settings to full HD, the effect may be different. Sometimes I will also enter the game with the settings of full HD resolution and the effect looks good, and the other time I will go to the same settings and the effect is different. It's such a curiosity ^^
  11. Tatsumaru

    solved Old error with sound

    The error is that you do not hear some sounds after teleporting. This error occurs on a large number of private servers, basically I did not play on any one that would have this bug fixed. I tried to look for a solution, but to no avail. I did not find anything about it. Solution to this problem he gave Abel(Tiger): // SoundManager.cpp // Search: void CSoundManager::StopAllSound3D() { for (int i = 0; i < CSoundManager3D::INSTANCE_MAX_COUNT; ++i) { StopSound3D(i); } } // Replace with: void CSoundManager::StopAllSound3D() { for (int i = 0; i < CSoundManager3D::INSTANCE_MAX_COUNT; ++i) { StopSound3D(i); } m_PlaySoundHistoryMap.clear(); } // Search: ms_SoundManager2D.Destroy(); // Add after: m_PlaySoundHistoryMap.clear();
  12. It's hard to set the circles to be more visible, and the picture does not brighten, but fix is brilliant
  13. Tatsumaru

    Princess assassin

  14. I recommend this channel on youtube. The author publishes various films about this program and you can learn a lot.
  15. Tatsumaru

    [Group] Daily Music - Share your favorite!

    Very good music cover Metin2 - enter the east in the performance of an outstanding Polish artist.