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  1. Zeph

    open I need function

    Hello, i need one function, block emotion like dance when use skills, something like this: I can't use dance or else emotions when i use sword spin on body.
  2. Zeph

    open Bug with skill body and healer

    I don't have pet, look on gif
  3. Hello. 1. When i use this skill, i get full hp 2. When i have poison on my healer character, i use skill heal and i get full hp, without poison is good. Any solutions?
  4. Zeph

    c++ [RLS]Shop EX Renewal

    I came to this myself but thanks
  5. Zeph

    c++ [RLS]Shop EX Renewal

    You added quest or something to open shop in npc?
  6. Zeph

    c++ [RLS]Shop EX Renewal

    We have to wait for solution i think.
  7. Zeph

    c++ [RLS]Shop EX Renewal

    I have the same problem :(
  8. Zeph

    open Sync tree core

    Hello, i have bug on my server. When players attacking mobs on my maps, my server gets this error "Sync: no tree: Ork Zwiadowca 255957 685955 64" in sysser and my channel gets game.core and shutdown. I try add a new regen on my map but this doesn't help.
  9. Hello. When i try to open guild window through button i have this in my sysser: https://pastebin.com/hazbvK5k Someone know how to fix that?
  10. I download source from this topic: But i can't find this there, can you help me? In "dev_wolf_branch" i can't find there too ;/
  11. Hello bro, i don't have "ComputeSkillParty" function in my source so.. can you give me this? I changed this to "ComputeSkill" but i can buff only on 2 players on group.