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  1. Alucard

    God bless y'all
  2. Alucard


    Thank's for the answer !! Thank's a lot men !
  3. Alucard


    Like Armor ? How to proceed ? Thank's for your answers !!
  4. Hi, i have a question when i import mob from 3Ds to Gr2, i must adapt the monsters with bones or not ? (for the animation)
  5. Hello, i search this set of armor with helmet's.. Screen: Thank's
  6. Hello all, I have a problem with World Editor when i put buildings or effect, the texture not here and when i put a environnement is not there, and when i close the programm the texture is invisible. Someone can help me please ? Screen
  7. Alucard

    Hello all, Im search the texture of the Atreya Flame maps and the others maps texture please, Thank you.
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