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  1. Ikarus_

    [C++] SMALL FIX - GetAsUnsignedLong

  2. Ikarus_

    [C++] SMALL FIX - GetAsUnsignedLong

    topic updated with the right fix, my bad
  3. I noticed that every my client have the same bug, maybe sharing the fix prevents me from having to apply it to everyone and it also helps others who try the function and have problems. an example of buggy usage: File: scriptLib\PythonUtils.cpp bool PyTuple_GetUnsignedLong(PyObject* poArgs, int pos, unsigned long* ret) { if (pos >= PyTuple_Size(poArgs)) return false; PyObject * poItem = PyTuple_GetItem(poArgs, pos); if (!poItem) return false; *ret = PyLong_AsUnsignedLong(poItem); return true; } the problem seems to be PyLong_AsUnsignedLongLong which is buggy: #define PyLong_AsUnsignedLong PyLong_AsUnsignedLongLong how we could fix it? //replacing #define PyLong_AsUnsignedLong (unsigned long)PyLong_AsLongLong
  4. if someone wants to take a look to other my works: youtube channel last work i apologize for OT
  5. ahah like if say : "[Mercedes] [ is a shit] because [Pagani exists]." "[Your function] [is shit (sry dude)] bacause [GF Function read locale_string.txt and locale_quest.txt on CLIENT SIDE not SERVER SIDE] " I think you didn't understand the changes i made relative the original function. Anyway , ok
  6. You have to build it in x86 configuration, because i added in the extern only (mine) lib compiled using configuration x86
  7. If the project using a SDK not installed you should change it in Project properties Let me know if solved or not and i apologize for my late
  8. I do not have this bug in my files with which I am testing, so you should send me files related to targetinfo and to my system in private, so I will take a look.
  9. do you mean drop_common table?
  10. no, if you want help you should show the error you should give some other info, for example which table are you mean (and so, what kind of drop method are you using) ?
  11. Added a small fix about 0.X% in mob_drop_item.txt now you can use 0.X% in the txt files before to convert it but there is a limit. the limit depend on the DROP_SCALE_TABLE value (CONSTANT) for example : DROP_SCALE_TABLE = 1000 -> min chance to set in txt 0.1% (100%/1000) DROP_SCALE_TABLE = 10000 -> min chance to set in txt 0.01% (100%/10000) obv DROP_SCALE_TABLE must be same value of DROP_SCALE_TABLE in common/length.h (SEE THE THREAD MESSAGE TO KNOW WHAT IS THIS CONSTANT)
  12. The Converter tool is now complete. I pushed the code into the repository. You can build it by yourself downloading the sourcecode files you could convert: - common_drop_item.txt -mob_drop_item.txt
  13. This release contain a new function which reading the locale_string.txt on channel booting. The default ymir's reading function is one of the best example of bad practice (open a .txt file as binary to reading text?). There the difference between my func and the ymir's func (in the image) TO USE FIX MUST HAVE C++11 DOWNLOAD
  14. in length.h add at the beginning: #include "service.h"