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  1. binary/source/EterLib/GrpDevice.cpp int CGraphicDevice::Create(HWND hWnd, int iHres, int iVres, bool Windowed, int /*iBit*/, int iReflashRate) { int iRet = CREATE_OK; Destroy(); ms_iWidth = iHres; ms_iHeight = iVres; ms_hWnd = hWnd; ms_hDC = GetDC(hWnd); ms_lpd3d = Direct3DCreate8(D3D_SDK_VERSION); if (!ms_lpd3d) { TraceError("Start error: CREATE_NO_DIRECTX"); return CREATE_NO_DIRECTX; } if (!ms_kD3DDetector.Build(*ms_lpd3d, EL3D_ConfirmDevice)) { TraceError("Start error: CREATE_ENUM"); return CREATE_ENUM; } // exygo 27 iulie 2017 fix laptop //if (!ms_kD3DDetector.Find(800, 600, 32, TRUE, &ms_iD3DModeInfo, &ms_iD3DDevInfo, &ms_iD3DAdapterInfo)) // return CREATE_DETECT; std::string stDevList; ms_kD3DDetector.GetString(&stDevList); [...]
  2. Throwback 2017 November 4 ymir work\monster2\ent_hu\ent_hu.dds https://mega.nz/#!y5Zx1YjJ!RxHhK51Vqh2KjTnq5KK2bilVKo05NXl0j91xt_jNp6U
  3. Exygo

    "improved" windows.dds

  4. Exygo

    [QUEST]Maps' minimum level check

    @C. Alexandru Sorin knew what he said, once player level is resetted to 1 for example and after that he levelup to 2 the quest gets triggered and the player is warped home.
  5. Exygo

    [Release]Golden Frog Fixed

    https://i.ibb.co/CWr98FD/vergleich-alt-neu-m2-2.png This new color of the frog is old, but Tatsumaru version has some fixes.
  6. Exygo

    open Shoes of Wind - New substitute?

    Take my idea, I don't mind sharing it with others
  7. Exygo

    Teleport System ~ Price is 0€

    https://mega.nz/#!S1xkXKTL!5sfHjZQswrv0MoTkZWgIEHxUbcGS48vRa6TJpzS6T5U One friend found my quest in a spanish serverfiles, here it is the link is up again.
  8. Does such a tool exist? If that help with something, I did them by hand.
  9. Exygo

    open How to make sub files

    https://puu.sh/B3ABo/e80960eaf4.mp4 https://mega.nz/#!bkJU1ARR!G5qNEWzag4hIjEWLAANeZl30E9_xFjnuqfKMVBOzYOc
  10. Exygo

    open How to make sub files

  11. Exygo

    open (GDB) Crash Core

    It's the worst offlineshop trust me, I tested it long time ago.
  12. Exygo

    open (GDB) Crash Core

    My romanian friend, I bet you are using crappy offlineshop by great which doesn't have "smart pointers (auto_ptr/unique_ptr)" as martysama told you.
  13. Exygo

    Emoji in TextLine

  14. You don't have any solution to do that. And why would you want to put ";" at the end of the sentence 0_0 ?
  15. Exygo

    [RELEASE] Notice color fix (from Lua)

    def StripColor(self,text): Search = re.search('\|c([a-zA-Z0-9]{0,8})', text) if Search: text = text.replace(Search.group(0),'') text = text.replace('|r','') text = text.replace('|h','') return text