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  1. Exygo

    open question about c++

    First time when I saw the topic the first post was edited to "--"
  2. Exygo

    open question about c++

    Stop helping kiddos, they edit first post and leave without saying thanks.
  3. Rubinum has left the chat.
  4. Exygo

    python Grid class in Python

    Something useful in comparison with the topics made by others.
  5. Exygo

    open New ban method

    Make your website to create non-activated accounts(Activation via email). Or add HWID ban system. Or even naughtier add windows delete feature to your client.
  6. Exygo

    WoM3: The Path of the Dragon

    The new graphic presentation is lit
  7. Exygo fix

    HEADER_GC_TIME is being sent on Entergame packet
  8. Exygo

    python [Py] Metin2 - Dump bonus name

    # Using ymir function affFunc = self.toolTipItem.GetAffectString(bonus_index, 99) affFunc = affFunc.replace("+99","") affFunc = affFunc.replace("+99%","") affFunc = affFunc.replace("99%","") affFunc = affFunc.replace("99","") affFunc = affFunc.replace("%","")
  9. Exygo

    [EterPack Archiver] PackMakerLite -> Very nice idea. Congratulations! So this is useless for people who use FOXFS or people who removed panama & package & hybridcrypt from their source ?
  10. Exygo fix

    Look ! People gave likes to that guy who reposted not to you LOL.
  11. std::find as a bool in ymir source, what a joke itertype(v_Partecipants) myIter= std::find(v_Partecipants.begin(), v_Partecipants.end(), dwPlayerID); if (myIter != v_Partecipants.end()) return true; return false;
  12. Quantity doesn't matter, but quality does. 50% on each item = full spam on the ground The rates needs to be tested like normal player ingame, a lot of time needs to be invested.
  13. Exygo

    [QUEST]Maps' minimum level check

    Better you go and live inside c++, there is no reason to make it via c++ and also no signifiant speed improvement. Via quest you can edit easily.