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  1. Mali61

    Please nooooooo

  2. Mali61

    Packet Tool It's so simple but I'm using when I add a new system. It's checking empty and used enums and writing to file. settings/packet.h: Copy your tables.h and packet.h enums. settings/packet_data.h:
  3. Mali61

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    A guy asked me about second key. First key is tradable item second key is cannot be tradable. * Now 2 key is activated. If you have both of them, delete is starting from tradable item. You can change from length.h; INVENTORY_START_DELETE_VNUM = INVENTORY_OPEN_KEY_VNUM, * Client settings added to gametype.h
  4. Mali61

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    # Big Update: * 80% of Client-Side files have been converted from official root files. * Deleted locale/xx/ui/ codes(like official) * Now If you want to more than 4 inventory, you don't need to change variables etc. manually anymore. (Client and Server) [Not Just for c++11(+) users] * You can change Default Open/Locked Inventory Count Settings: Length.h; INVENTORY_OPEN_PAGE_COUNT = 2, INVENTORY_OPEN_KEY_VNUM = 72320,; self.default_open_inven = 2 self.INVENTORY_OPEN_KEY_VNUM = 72320
  5. Mali61

    Meme - Thread

    Me everytime
  6. Mali61

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    I added a new update for c++11(+) users. If you want to more than 4 inventory, you don't need to change variables etc. manually anymore. Only For ServerSide: Exchange.cpp Char.cpp
  7. Mali61

    python Loading Gauge Improvement

    I think you are looking for: Change 160 for your gauge
  8. Mali61

    python Loading Gauge Improvement

    Thanks for your support I'm not a python developer like you. I will edit topic in a short time. Edit:Updated
  9. Before: After:
  10. Mali61

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    Updated thanks
  11. Mali61

    Delete message button

    Public, like this message.
  12. Mali61

    open Libjpeg error

    this works for me UserInterface.cpp find #include "WiseLogicXTrap.h" add //via #define stdin (__acrt_iob_func(0)) #define stdout (__acrt_iob_func(1)) #define stderr (__acrt_iob_func(2)) FILE _iob[] = { *stdin, *stdout, *stderr }; extern "C" FILE * __cdecl __iob_func(void) { return _iob; }
  13. Mali61

    Delete message button

    I want delete message button. Is it possible?
  14. Mali61

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    Fixed offline player problem:
  15. Mali61

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    I changed code in PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp. Can you test it? Thanks for the message