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  1. Mali61

    c++ Quick Voice Chat

    v2: Z:Party X:Guild
  2. Mali61

    c++ Quick Voice Chat

    Thank you I've added mute functions. like i said, this is just the c ++ side. Many things can be done with the python side. An example is here for to one player:
  3. Mali61

    c++ Quick Voice Chat

    Little example. Just c++ part:
  4. Mali61

    c++ Fix Find PC by Name(DESC)

    #I've added code for who don't like boost library. music: sample:
  5. Bug:
  6. Mali61

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    So true. This codes cannot be copy paste because nobody can write like this shit codes expect you
  7. Mali61

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    190 euro for this shit xd And he was saying to me you are copy paster
  8. Mali61

    [0.0.4] VS Code Extension for Metin2 Quests

    Great work. Thank you
  9. Mali61

    c++ Event Handler For Client

    Think about like game src LPEVENT. For better understanding. I have add examples. Example "You are active x minute in this map" message: Result:
  10. An event handler without thread and sleep for client source. You can add many things etc. Example: EventHandler::Instance().AddEvent("exampletest",[]() { IAbstractChat::GetSingleton().AppendChat(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Test Message"); }, 5, 10 ); // ten time, delay 5 sec.
  11. Mali61

    [C++] Fix DMG Hack SVSIDE

  12. Mali61

    c++ Refresh Money With Sleep

    Actually I did but client crashed. Doesn't matter
  13. You can change sleep time.