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  1. Non Stackable(6) Stackable(625) **Added /book command update
  2. Mali61

    For libs:
  3. Mali61

    I don't know Game SDK or ban. I am not responsible for what might happen.
  4. Mali61

    Yes we can make a lot of things, this is so basic example. Also we can use visualizer:
  5. Mali61 Create app at here: Copy CLIENT ID Then change PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp/DiscordClientID Add images at here: example my image's name is image1 You can also use smallImageKey and smallImageText
  6. There's not much difference. Find in EterPythonLib/PythonGraphic.cpp return jpeg_save(pbyBuffer, uWidth, uHeight, 85, pszFileName) != 0; Replace return jpeg_save(pbyBuffer, uWidth, uHeight, 100, pszFileName) != 0; TEST
  7. Mali61


    because you add the code to the wrong side ++ **Added code for SubTypes, you can prefer that.
  8. There is already drop sounds. Here is for pick up: **Added code for SubTypes, you can prefer that.
  9. you can use lower instead of replace moneyString.lower()
  10. Mali61

    I know what they mean.We are talking about wrong codes, not efficient
  11. Mali61

  12. Mali61

    C++ version
  13. Mali61

    use my tool String Builder
  14. You want 120k $ but you don't even know that simple lvl tag. How can someone trust you? You think it's a piece of cake?
  15. Bir dakika cidden Tayfun Çiçek ismini Typhoon Flower diye mi çevirdin? olum bu ne lan :QWFQWFASFASf 120k dolar Sorry for language rules but i really need to say this. I hope you're not serious, so if that's a big problem