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  1. Anix


    Sure. Char_battle.cpp from: // ADD_PREMIUM bool isAutoLoot = (pkAttacker->GetPremiumRemainSeconds(PREMIUM_AUTOLOOT) > 0 || pkAttacker->IsEquipUniqueGroup(UNIQUE_GROUP_AUTOLOOT)) ? true : false; // 제3의 손 // END_OF_ADD_PREMIUM to: bool isAutoLoot = true; https://gyazo.com/e243f6f3ab93e5ba8fd10a667c32271f
  2. Anix


    You can activate that for all players including new ones for like 10 years do you know that right? Without changing any code inside the source.
  3. Anix


    There is an item mall called “the third hand” which is collecting the yang.
  4. Stop tagging them man they have a life too. Do you really think their best thing to do is to visit the site every minute and answer to your questions?
  5. Anix


    If you do that so, you will only see the percentage when you want to upgrade the item defined which is impossible because you cannot refine a blessing scroll. You need to do it in a different way. Try to replace the itemVnum with a vnum of a weapon and then try to upgrade it you will see what i am talking about. What you have done there will show the percentage of the given item (defined in uirefine.py) not when you use the item on another item to upgrade. Let's take the example of def GetRefineSuccessPercentage: if item.ITEM_TYPE_METIN == itemType: if curGrade >= len(self.upgradeStoneSuccessPercentage): return 0 return self.upgradeStoneSuccessPercentage[curGrade] This is showing the percentage of the certain type in the uirefine. The only difference is that the item type is used instead of the itemVnum. I think (not the expert here) you will need to do checks in the uiInventory.py too so the script will know you are using blessing scroll on the items.
  6. Anix


    Try to put them in order and without the macro (ifdef)
  7. Anix


    I think you will need to make a new button that shows up when you have the horse skill using if self.__CanUseHorseSkill(): There is the function in uiCharacter.py if self.__CanUseHorseSkill(): self.activeSkillGroupName.Hide() self.skillGroupButton1.SetText(nameList.get(group, "Noname")) self.skillGroupButton2.SetText(localeInfo.SKILL_GROUP_HORSE) self.skillGroupButton1.Show() self.skillGroupButton2.Show() I will give it a try in about one hour. Edit: I manage to add the new page somehow. There is a bug i can't understand while selecting the pages. The bug comes from __SelectSkillGroup function which i don't know how it works https://gyazo.com/d376e65848005cdf3efb00b76a028e8f uiCharacter.py: From PAGE_HORSE = 2 to PAGE_HORSE = 3 Find: self.skillGroupButton2 = None Add after: self.skillGroupButton3 = None Find: self.skillGroupButton2 = self.GetChild("Skill_Group_Button_2") Add after: self.skillGroupButton3 = self.GetChild("Skill_Group_Button_3") In self.skillGroupButton = ( find : self.GetChild("Skill_Group_Button_2"), Add below: self.GetChild("Skill_Group_Button_3"), Replace the def __SetSkillGroupName(self, race, group): function with this: def __SetSkillGroupName(self, race, group): job = chr.RaceToJob(race) if not self.SKILL_GROUP_NAME_DICT.has_key(job): return nameList = self.SKILL_GROUP_NAME_DICT[job] if 0 == group: self.skillGroupButton1.SetText(nameList[1]) self.skillGroupButton2.SetText(nameList[2]) if self.__CanUseHorseSkill(): self.skillGroupButton3.SetText(localeInfo.SKILL_GROUP_HORSE) self.skillGroupButton3.Show() self.skillGroupButton3.SetPosition(95, 2) else: self.skillGroupButton3.Hide() self.skillGroupButton1.Show() self.skillGroupButton2.Show() self.activeSkillGroupName.Hide() else: if self.__CanUseHorseSkill(): self.activeSkillGroupName.Hide() self.skillGroupButton1.SetText(nameList.get(group, "Noname")) self.skillGroupButton3.SetText(localeInfo.SKILL_GROUP_HORSE) self.skillGroupButton1.Show() self.skillGroupButton2.Hide() self.skillGroupButton3.Show() self.skillGroupButton3.SetPosition(50, 2) else: self.activeSkillGroupName.SetText(nameList.get(group, "Noname")) self.activeSkillGroupName.Show() self.skillGroupButton1.Hide() self.skillGroupButton2.Hide() self.skillGroupButton3.Hide() uiscript/characterdetails.py Find: { "name" : "Skill_Group_Button_2", "type" : "radio_button", "x" : 50, "y" : 2, "text" : "Group2", "text_color" : 0xFFFFE3AD, "default_image" : "d:/ymir work/ui/game/windows/skill_tab_button_01.sub", "over_image" : "d:/ymir work/ui/game/windows/skill_tab_button_02.sub", "down_image" : "d:/ymir work/ui/game/windows/skill_tab_button_03.sub", }, Add below: ##horse skill page { "name" : "Skill_Group_Button_3", "type" : "radio_button", "x" : 95, "y" : 2, "text" : "Group3", "text_color" : 0xFFFFE3AD, "default_image" : "d:/ymir work/ui/game/windows/skill_tab_button_01.sub", "over_image" : "d:/ymir work/ui/game/windows/skill_tab_button_02.sub", "down_image" : "d:/ymir work/ui/game/windows/skill_tab_button_03.sub", }, Sorry if i couldn't do the job, im a beginner. I thought it's easier but it seems not.
  8. There should be a blacklist with users like him and to block them for posting in this section.
  9. Don’t even try to tell them why is bad to have crap leaked game files. Let them try and then they’ll figure out and they will stop being lazy.
  10. Anix


    In xx\Srcs\Client\UserInterface\PythonTextTail.cpp look for: pTitle->SetPosition(pTextTail->x - (iNameWidth / 2), pTextTail->y, pTextTail->z); and play with it as much as you want. There is also a topic related to this:
  11. Anix


    There is no need for source edits. Just locale/xx/locale_game.txt PVP_LEVEL0 PVP_LEVEL1 PVP_LEVEL2 PVP_LEVEL3 PVP_LEVEL4 PVP_LEVEL5 PVP_LEVEL6 PVP_LEVEL7 PVP_LEVEL8
  12. Anix


    Be more explicit. What do u mean by “changing display”?
  13. Anix


    Just open it and have a look.
  14. The system is working great on Martysama's source. I had the problem with the inventory pages at first. A hint: do not use the edits on the comparable files he is just giving an example of how the files should look like. https://gyazo.com/4b302305ba1c3c26ce25b24d2e2a6e5d @HUNgarocel1 Check edits on uiinventory.py.
  15. Anix

    He looks like Cheezas. Any evidences yet?
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