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  1. Is this Beyond2 Oldschool ? Looks kind of the same.
  2. Anix

    [PAID WORK] Costume Implementation from Official

    Why? If there's not so many i can help you for free.
  3. Anix

    Official DragonSoul Change Attr

    You just took the system from turkmmo and waiting for somebody (vegas or others) to test it and finish the system, probably to re-write it. Shame.
  4. Anix

    3D ART Tatsumaru

    But he didn’t so shut up christmas.
  5. Add a canwarp and that’s all.
  6. Anix

    c++ New Item Type = ITEM_GACHA

    Anybody has this installed on marty source 4.9? I get : Oct 19 10:40:53 :: Drake: USE_ITEM Cufãr Beran-Setaou (inven 1, cell: 35) Oct 19 10:40:53 :: UseItemEx: Unknown type Cufãr Beran-Setaou 37 Item type was done already, only the game part was missing. Any ideas? Solved.
  7. Anix

    [RLS] Quiver-System

    It is working fine for me, check your files.
  8. Anix

    open guild icon problem

    That's why you need to buy the source man.
  9. Anix

    solved Shaman Healing - Attack Up No Effect

    Check playersettingsmodule for the skills effect.
  10. Anix

    [How-To] Skip the intrologo like official

    Yes, she is the dragon goddess. on: thanks for the release
  11. Anix

    Searching for c++developer

    No, sorry. i forgot to ask @Raylee to close this topic.
  12. Anix


    What do you mean by “program” ...? You have all the documentation available on this forum you didnt even bother to search first.
  13. Anix

    python Python Timer like queue

    He knows aye, no doubt. i just like to bother him.
  14. Anix

    python Python Timer like queue

    @VegaS™ sometimes i cannot understand why u spend so much time to write the comments that nobody reads
  15. Anix

    3D ART Tatsumaru

    Shut up mate that’s mind blowing. Wtf ...