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  1. Anix

    Searching for c++developer

    I spammed you because you sold me a system with no macro, i had to replace one file from the source and reinstall mysql and i asked you to complete the system i paid and you were keep saying “tomorrow”. Of course i am getting pissed off after 3 days. Mind your bussiness i am looking for a developer to solve the bug i have because of you. And because you are so insistent i will share your system for all. And i will ask for the money you never gave me any system you just did what you wanted in my source with anydesk. Peace
  2. Anix

    Searching for c++developer

    Bonus sync solved. Still have the hairstyle bug.
  3. Anix

    Nightmare dungeon

    He is a good guy indeed. Wish you the best Plechito!
  4. Anix

    Searching for c++developer

    Hi there, I am looking for somebody to fix some problems with my bonuses (sync) and a hairstyle problem. Please send me a PM if interested.
  5. Anix

    open Hairstyle problem

    Man there is no sub bug man ... the hairstyles were working before i changed some codes in the source. I am not clear enough for you or what? Edit: i think i know the problem. I will post tonight the update.
  6. Anix

    open Hairstyle problem

    @Torres if i set the hairstyle in the database i get the same thing, if i wear it ingame i get the bonus from the hairstyle but it won’t appear. I work 12/24 and i have no time really to work on this during the week. I pay 50 euros for the fix by the way.
  7. Anix

    solved Horse racing effect

    Check the dust effect in pack. Anything in errorlog client? It’s a missing image of the effect.
  8. Anix

    open Hairstyle problem

    I will check thanks. But i want you to know there were no changes in the client but source / database and navicat tables.
  9. Anix

    open Inventory Problem

    Check uitooltip i had this before.
  10. Anix

    open Hairstyle problem

    Thanks for the clue but it’s not a sub problem otherwise the part_hair would update don’t you think
  11. Anix

    open Hairstyle problem

    I think is ClientPlayerModule.cpp but i have no idea why it does this. I have another field for GEM near gold in player and nothing more. Still doesn't work with the original file tho.
  12. Anix

    open Hairstyle problem

    Hi there devs, I have tried as hard as i could to solve this but nothing has even logic. Everything seems to be in place i just can't remember what i have changed in the source for this to happen. Here is the problem: In errorlog client i have this (I HAVE NEVER EDITED MSM FILES AND NEVED HAD THE PROBLEM BEFORE): 0810 13:38:06227 :: Hair number 7465 is not exist. 0810 13:38:18278 :: Hair number 7465 is not exist. The problem appeared after uninstalling sash system by lennt. I have martysama source. Anybody can give me a hint about this? Thanks! Edit: The hair dye works perfectly.