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  1. Calypso

    Hi community, I hope you're all right. The staff needs your opinion today! We've been thinking about a system that could make the forum more lively. Do you know the houses in Harry-Potter? We want to do the same here but with Jinno, Chunjo and Shinsoo. Each member selects the empire they want when they register. To change empire, you will have to pay a "Color of Empires" with yangs. Each member makes his empire earn points by participating in the forum, sharing releases, winning contests organized by the staff, etc ... At the end of each month, the members of the winning empire earn yangs or a yang boost. The counters are thus reset to 0, which starts a new month. With this system, we will be able to develop a lot of things around! Of course, before setting it up, it is important that we have your opinion, so that we don't get into unnecessary development. To your keyboards! The staff
  2. Calypso

    Hello! Today, we are pleased to present you the new version of Metin2Dev. The main goal was to make the forum much cleaner and more user-friendly: mission accomplished! Here are all the changes that have been made: Update of the forum engine New skin: Choose your favorite theme from 2 dark and 1 light theme while admiring the new forum logo! New text editor Added icons on the forum categories Improvement of the display of some forum components Pseudo formatting Get as many trophies and medals as possible (depending on your reputation, number of messages, ...). Separation of pinned subjects from normal subjects Possibility to mention a group (Administrator, Moderator, ...) Adding an internal currency : Yangs Earn yangs by participating in the forum Use the yangs to conquer trophies or buy lots of items in M2Dev's new yang shop. This is a new version of the forum but it doesn't mean that the forum will stop evolving. We still have a lot of projects in mind that we can't wait to tell you about! If you have any suggestions, remarks or criticism (constructive), please don't hesitate. That's how we'll move forward together. We all hope that you will enjoy these changes. See you soon! The staff
  3. Calypso

    @Crital Thank you for your suggestions, we'll make a note of it!
  4. Hi! As we told you yesterday, one of our main occupations is to revive the Metin2Dev community. This starts with a complete overhaul of the Discord server: - Directly accessible via the button on the homepage. - Community rooms have been set up: discussion, internet, music, artist, etc ... - Honoured members and VIPs now share the same room. Join us : https://discord.gg/3echkhW I remind you of some rules: - No NSFW, no racism, sexism, harassment. - Avoid spam, whatever the channel. - Advertising prohibited, for anything. For servers, use the appropriate section of the forum. - No links to questionable/unknown sites - Of course, all the rules of good manners apply. - Double account is prohibited We really hope that this new discord will allow the community to get to know each other better and share lots of moments together! Don't hesitate if you have any suggestions. See you soon The staff
  5. Calypso

    Hello Metin2Dev Community, I hope you're all right! It's been about 2 weeks since we took over the forum, which gave us time to familiarize ourselves with the community and the forum. It is now time to announce some of the projects for the forum. First of all, our projects are the following: Backup of all shared files to a Metin2Dev storage server to avoid dead links. Working on a new version of the forum with a new theme to make it more welcoming and "clean". Clean up all sections (useless topics, dead links, etc ...) and improve the forum tree structure if needed. Work on the more community aspect of the forum, for example by highlighting discord more prominently. Work on the forum to make it more easily accessible to new members. And a lot of other projects that we can't wait for you to discover! Don't hesitate to give us feedback if you have any. See you soon! The staff
  6. Calypso

    Hi everyone As you can see, @ASIKOO and myself are the new administrators of Metin2Dev. It's time to introduce ourselves! We are two French people and owner of the Funky-Emulation forum, a video game development forum (including metin2) dedicated to French people. We are also owner of top-metin2.com, a top allowing to gather the best metin2 private servers. Metin2Dev will remain an international forum and we are not here to destroy everything that has been put in place by the community. Our only will is to allow the continued development of metin2. We have many projects in mind and we will come back to you to share them! I leave this topic open for your possible messages or suggestions. It is a pleasure for us to take over the administration of this forum and I hope that it will continue to satisfy you, even with us. Looking forward to meeting all of you. See you soon, Calypso & Asikoo
  7. Calypso

    Should you exchange on each project
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