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    [HowTo] Hide xtea keys

    My name is ramy, I'm a junior programmer with experience of about two years in (STL , boost .. and soo on ) I live Netherlands since 10 years, but i was born in USA Now I'll show you how you can protect your tea-keys against hackers. I love very much c ++ 11 / c ++ 17, so the codes will only work with Visual Studio 2013 or higher. I saw someone selling it, so I thought to give you something better, I think. I came to this forum because someone hired me to work on his server and he recommended me to come here if I need help, ever. Firstly include those two STL headers intro EterPack.h #include <cstdint> #include <array> EterPack.h struct TeaKey { // Date: 01 . 12 . 2016 // Author: Ramy overflow TeaKey(std::array<DWORD, 4>src): data_(src), copy(src) {} operator const std::uint8_t *()const { return reinterpret_cast<const std::uint8_t *>(; } operator const DWORD *()const { return; } operator DWORD *()const { return; } private: std::array<DWORD, 4>data_; mutable std::array<DWORD, 4>copy; }; EterPack.cpp const TeaKey &s_adwEterPackKey() { // Date: 01 . 12 . 2016 // Author: Ramy overflow static const TeaKey key { std::array < DWORD, 4 > {{ 45129401UL, 92367215UL, 681285731UL, 1710201UL, } } }; return key; } const TeaKey &s_adwEterPackSecurityKey() { // Date: 01 . 12 . 2016 // Author: Ramy overflow static const TeaKey key { std::array < DWORD, 4 > {{ 78952482UL, 527348324UL, 1632942UL, 486274726UL, } } }; return key; } And now search for all s_adwEterPackKey / s_adwEterPackSecurityKey and replace with s_adwEterPackKey() / s_adwEterPackSecurityKey() so just add an () because it's a function Sincerely , Ramy overfow

    kissing player with same sex

    cmd_emotion.cpp if(IS_SET(emotion_types[i].flag, WOMAN_ONLY) && SEX_MALE == GET_SEX(ch)) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("여자만 할 수 있습니다.")); return; } Delete this part of code. A question, perhaps you want to make a server for a gay community? If you need help to remove female characters , open a topic, i will try to help you. This question made my day

    Mysql service down problem.

    Let me explain, let's say that you did a database backup with MySQL 5.5 , and now you have installed MySQL 5.6 If you have the database on MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.6 installed, this means that you overwrite database .. This is not good. All versions are different, and once this thing could cost you your entire database. Each MySQL version has a different structure, more or less. Never overwrite folder var/db/mysql/mysql this folder should be never overwrite. No one can know what is in your server, follow the steps above .. and come back with an answer if this problem appears. I'm pretty sure the problem is only mysql server. And to make sure that the tables are optimized for MySQL version/MariaDB that you use to run this command too. After installing the database as I said above, run this command. // Mysql 5.6 mysql_upgrade // mysql 5.7 mysql_upgrade -u root -p After reboot you server. Then wait for a new crash.

    Mysql service down problem.

    Why always you guys overwrite MySQL database? How hard can it be to install some mysql tables correct? Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' This means that MySQL server is dead. I noticed that most people who work in Metin2 scene, just make a backup archive and unpack in /var/db/ This is fucking wrong guys. You guys do not know to install a MySQL database and you want to make servers. I suggest you to do so: Stop the metin server Repair all the tables to make sure they are functional. Create a .sql dump to all databases belonging to metin. Stop the MySQL server. ( service mysql-server stop) Delete the folder / var / db / mysql Now start again mysql server Now configure your mysql server again (The user " root " ) GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO root@"%" IDENTIFIED BY 'password' WITH GRANT OPTION; FLUSH PRIVILEGES; Now install metin tables from .sql dump Regards, Ramy

    Medieval Costume

    Nice , you want to sell them?

    [HowTo] Hide xtea keys

    Yes , just hide (Not encryption).

    Why get ssl error Android Chrome

    That's my boy.

    Serve Down

    Hello, look at my profile and add me on skype. I will do my best

    server source compile error

    Damn, I forgot that they were added when it was implemented in C ++ 11. Then, make files as they were before. and run only gmake dep command. To work as I told you above, you compiler need to support C ++ 11.

    server source compile error

    Open db/src/stdafx.h and add : #include <unordered_map> #include <unordered_set> Then open ClientManager.h and replace all boost::unordered_map boost::unordered_set with std::unordered_map std::unordered_set Then go to db/src directory and run this command gmake dep Then compile again Back intro the past , STL was too immature and bloated. But that was >10 years ago. Now we should use STL where is possile , also STL is now much faster than boost

    server source compile error

    Add full log, that does not help me at all.

    server source compile error

    server source compile error

    Now you need the hackshield library. libhackshield/lib

    sash models for wolfman

    Check this

    server source compile error

    You do not have libraries devIL intro server/libdevil , take them from novaline or any other source.

    Question about Sources

    I, personally I checked. All are identical, only a few functions are different, that are unimportant. You can use mainline_released ->mainline_relesed

    Please help me game .core ( fixid)

    And what are you waiting for ? Paste here that function.

    How to make 4 kingdoms / 1 kingdoms

    Tell me you're joking.

    Please help me game .core ( fixid)

    Search for this word "Ingerasa The crash is related to this word as i can see , maybe it's a format crash ...

    regen txt problem

    Check mob_proto.
  21. You forgot to tell about lenght.h / item_data.h / PythonItemModule.cpp / locale_game.txt / To be helpful to someone, do it completely.
  22. As I know, this function is used only in World Editor. It is a mistake for those at Ymir, because they did not put it with #ifdef WORLD_EDITOR You can ignore it, or you can delete from source this function. Or, if you really want to fix it. Create a file named monsterareainfo.txt intro each folder of evry map.

    Staff needed

    Some time ago I bought a theme, I think it is nice, I have used it ever. I'd be happy to give it to @PolluX Tell me if you like with some adjustment will be okay

    Why get ssl error Android Chrome

    Submit a Ticket to the hosting company. And tell them that the certificate is not completely installed. Send them the link above, where they can check the status of the certificate.