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  1. boaspessoal

    open Remove Quest after finishing the mission

    I'm guessing you want to remove the quest scroll? If so, use clear_letter() Otherwise, consider sending them to another state after the mission is complete so it won't loop itself.
  2. boaspessoal

    open Lua return from select

    goto statement is only available in lua 5.2+(metin2 original source uses 5.0)
  3. boaspessoal

    open Quest scroll bug

    no it doesn't work
  4. boaspessoal

    open Quest scroll bug

    what do you mean normal system? quest scrolls don't work at all(either by recvquest or binary_recvquest)
  5. boaspessoal

    open More than 1 raceflag

    Check your protoreader.cpp syntax, perhaps it only allows separating flags by a '|'(in int get_Mob_RaceFlag_Value search for: string* arInputString)
  6. boaspessoal

    open New bonus ATTBONUS_METIN

    Check for the order in constants.cpp, also consider using the IsStone condition instead of creating a new raceflag for metin stones(pointless).
  7. boaspessoal

    open Quest scroll bug

    Yes, but I don't think either of these functions are the issue, I have put a debug message on both of them and it never shows up, leading me to believe they're not being called at all from the binary(which I have no idea why is happening)
  8. boaspessoal

    open Quest scroll bug

    Thank you
  9. boaspessoal

    open Quest scroll bug

    still having this issue, willing to pay for a fix
  10. boaspessoal

    Preview new pet Fenrir

    ah yes let's pretend that 80% of all sold models for metin2 are not ripped off from other games
  11. boaspessoal

    open Upgrading lua version

    Hello, I was thinking about upgrading the lua version from 5.0 to 5.3 but wasn't too sure how that would end up breaking the game. Basically what I'm asking is will upgrading the lua require me to change a huge deal of the original source(from lua_tonumber to lua_tointeger for example, in all files), or are there very few dependencies that can be worked around since it functions basically the same? Thanks
  12. boaspessoal

    open Quest skin cinematic

    Hello everyone, ever since I found this skin type in questlib and later on in the source I've been intrigued at how it works and what happened to it. Is it supposed to actually run cinematics or just change up the quest window to make it look "fancier"? From my tests with party.show_cinematic it works barely but it looks like either most of its code is completely missing or not working properly. Also, does anyone know the backstory of this skin? Why was it dropped? Definitely would've made some instances feel fresher. Cheers
  13. boaspessoal

    c++ Metin2 | How To | Relog In Dungeon

    this is the same method officials use I believe, no reason to think there will be inconsistencies(which in fact there won't)
  14. boaspessoal

    c++ Metin2 | How To | Relog In Dungeon

    So you would get kicked out every 10 seconds without this change?... Use questflag instead of partyflag when returning the dungeon index(store it whenever you login into the dungeon itself)
  15. boaspessoal

    open Say color function

    add it to quest_functions