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  1. Hi, i have problem with separation items. The problem is only with and . All other items works well. Video: P.S. tested item flag: "4" and "20"
  2. Hi, i have problem with effect active slot after installation change look system. Video: How fix it?
  3. Hi, i have a problem with double hp bonus. When i have armor with HP bonus 2k it give 2x more = 4k, 1,5k = 3k , 500 = 1k etc. https://youtu.be/ImwGPBdHMQE
  4. Cetis

    open Exchange problem

    Problem solved. game.py -> def __PutItem(self, attachedType, attachedItemIndex, attachedItemSlotPos, attachedItemCount, dstChrID):
  5. Cetis

    open Exchange problem

    Hi, i have a problem with my exchange window, when i move item on player this window didn't opened, but when i opened window manually all is okey. VIDEO: https://youtu.be/jEPaOZW3x2U
  6. Cetis

    open Change Look Problem

    Hi, i have problem with change look system More on the video: