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  1. genco15

    Metin2 New Game Engine Test

    looks nice but i think characters need new versions
  2. genco15

    php Metin2CMS v2.11

    Where ? i cant see select menü for account or player name ?
  3. genco15

    php Metin2CMS v2.11

    Create items have a problem i Seeing characters not exist.
  4. genco15

    Clean Serverfiles&Source

    Hi bro i started server and edit my but i seeing on clinet you will be connecting.... Whats the problem ?
  5. Hi can you help me for your servefiles im untar game and db and i use ipv4 and i edit but i dont login game mysql and ftp is work

  6. genco15

    Clean Serverfiles&Source

    How edit ports for this server files? im enter mysql and ftp but i cant login game ? i think i have problem ports