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  1. senhalm8239


    Whats your skype? I want to buy some effects!
  2. senhalm8239

    Search Multi Language System For everything

    searching for it too, pm me please
  3. senhalm8239

    Metin2 New Future Systems

    Good systems. I will use them on my serer
  4. senhalm8239

    Interface from another game

    You need gfx from that design or ask designer to make something like it
  5. senhalm8239

    Metin2 Item Database

    Thank you. I will use them, Nice idea Optimus
  6. Hello Nice top list. I will use it!
  7. senhalm8239

    Avatars2 is searching for staff members

    Do you pay for it?
  8. senhalm8239

    Notice system ? I pay

    Good idea, thanks
  9. senhalm8239


    Nice stuff. Do you still make it?
  10. senhalm8239

    Christmas map for 2016

    Plechito as always awesome job
  11. senhalm8239

    M2bob protection - Search for testers

    PM me if you still need it bro!
  12. senhalm8239

    Mobs dont make Damage

    I have same error now. Did you fix it? How?
  13. Check your skype please!

  14. senhalm8239

    A project who never be Released

    Are you interested in selling this? I wanna buy this whole project. I can pay alot. Already added you on Skype