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  1. colcrt

    open Horse and reset exp problem

    must populate, syserror syslog etc ...
  2. why does this code not work? always read bg1 or if you change them both you see the dark background "name" : "bg2", "type" : "ani_image", "x" : 0, "y" : 0, ##"x_scale" : float(SCREEN_WIDTH) / 1024.0, "y_scale" : float(SCREEN_HEIGHT) / 768.0, "width" : 1024.0, "height" : 768.0, "x_scale" : float(SCREEN_WIDTH), "y_scale" : float(SCREEN_HEIGHT), "delay" : 60, "images" : ( "locale/es/ui/login/anime/1.sub", "locale/es/ui/login/anime/2.sub", "locale/es/ui/login/anime/3.sub", "locale/es/ui/login/anime/4.sub", "locale/es/ui/login/anime/5.sub", "locale/es/ui/login/anime/6.sub", ) .sub title subImage version 2.0 image "1.jpg" left 0 top 0 right 1024 bottom 768
  3. colcrt

    open error horse skills

    I have that error in the customer and I can not find either the error or information that can help me, if anyone would be so kind and can help me
  4. if I have bind_ip: ip publishes in the config that I must do then? Excuse me for reliving this post.
  5. hi, I'm implementing a packer that encodes the binary (.exe) which does its job but I don't know why when I load the game I get this error, any idea?
  6. colcrt

    Reverse dump_proto Tool (Item+Mobproto Reader)

    reupload please
  7. I have this crc32 7079df2c 3873224 30292659 2157719936 pack/root.epk but I do not understand how that is generated with c ++ because a crc32 is like that 0x75bcf0d6
  8. compiler errors -> hi dev, I am trying to compile torrentpatch with VS2013 I have already solved several errors but these nose that I can do; try to correct it with this but it does not correct a help is that those errors is on that side
  9. hi dev, as I mention in the title where I get the source code of that library compiled in vs 2013 and it does not let me compile torrentpatch since that lib is outdated
  10. if(!pPC) { sys_err("Nullpointer in CHARACTER::GetQuestFlag %lu", GetPlayerID()); return 0; } hi dev, I was looking at fix I have doubt this really works for the mistake, --> Quest :: PC :: GetFlag crash
  11. hi dev, how can I move towards the front, try but I can only move it up and down
  12. hi dev, if someone very kind and could help me with that file "CRC32_inc.h" thank!! Abel(Tiger)
  13. Main.cpp:69: undefined reference to '_malloc_options' collect2 error: id returned 1 exist estatus Hi dev, Is this function important? Is there any way to fix this without commenting the line?
  14. I apologize for reliving this thread but how do you fix this?