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  1. Paikei

    solved Item_proto column name bug

    thats not a bug, you're opening the file with the wrong encoding. and you can always change those names, because only "locale_name" matters. you can change "name" to whatever you want
  2. Paikei

    solved Item_proto column name bug

    what are you using? sql or txt
  3. Paikei

    open Sequence Table

    in input.cpp replace this whole if statement if (m_pPacketInfo->IsSequence(bHeader)) { BYTE bSeq = lpDesc->GetSequence(); BYTE bSeqReceived = *(BYTE *) (c_pData + iPacketLen - sizeof(BYTE)); if (bSeq != bSeqReceived) return true; else { lpDesc->push_seq(bHeader, bSeq); lpDesc->SetNextSequence(); } }
  4. Paikei

    open Help Fix - Double Affect

    yeah, create another account, ask the same question, and bump it i swear you people miss brain cells
  5. this one is down as well.. could you please update it?
  6. Paikei

    open About getting started

    you could either install it with pkg, or by ports. just do pkg search clang and pkg install X - the latest version that you see
  7. Paikei

    [Collection] File Requests

    hello boys does anybody have these lost and forbidden costumes? their name in the official client is chipao_s, and I could only find chipao_l:
  8. Paikei

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    invalid download link, can you update it please?
  9. Paikei

    solved [WEIRD] LC_TEXT Korean Line Error

    that happens because when you open a file with a text editor and you save it, it fucks up the encoding. so the characters are not the same in your .cpp file as in locale_string.txt
  10. Paikei

    open XML to SQL php script or program

  11. Paikei

    open unpacker for foxfs!YQ4yUQJR!Amltjj7L-jo_AMSWG9bE9ac4rHe_W-hpaCd0G1AaoKs
  12. i dont remember, ive had this archive for a long time. the system works, ive tested it myself
  13. Paikei

    open Problem with weapon texture

    Open your .gr2 model in granny viewer, open the Texture List tab and see where the texture path is. you must put the .dds texture in for example: \ymir work\item\weapon\costume\... D:\ is just used as a (((virtual))) partition, put your texture in item.epk/eix
  14. here u go!AIxE3CYD!g74DA8FtTRER3nVmmhxLOSW5DVlcKm8bZkYJfZN2_74