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  1. Paikei

    open Channel State Update

  2. Paikei

    open Channel State Update

    That is exactly what I'm unsure about. It's not called anywhere in the client, instead it gets executed by the binary after calling the RequestServerState function as far as I'm aware. NotifyChannelState does get called, and it does change the values. It's just that the text itself doesn't update.
  3. Paikei

    open Channel State Update

    Am I not doing this already by calling self.RequestServerState() in the _init_?
  4. Paikei

    open Channel State Update

    Hi! I have a small question about the whole ServerStateChecker method. Everything works fine with the system, except for the channel state update. When I login for the first time, it looks like this: (CH1, CH2, and CH3 are online, but don't update) Only after I change the CH it updates to the correct values. MoveChannelWindow class: The values in are changed by the NotifyChannelState function, I just don't know how to make them "reload" when the window is opened.
  5. Paikei

    solved Sash unequip problem

    Thank you so much, it works now!
  6. Paikei

    solved Sash unequip problem

    void CInstanceBase::SetAcce(DWORD dwAcce) { if (!IsPC()) return; if (IsPoly()) return; dwAcce += 85000; ClearAcceEffect(); float fSpecular = 65.0f; fSpecular /= 100.0f; m_awPart[CRaceData::PART_ACCE] = dwAcce; CItemData * pItemData; if (!CItemManager::Instance().GetItemDataPointer(dwAcce, &pItemData)) return; m_GraphicThingInstance.AttachAcce(pItemData, fSpecular); #ifdef ENABLE_OBJ_SCALLING DWORD dwRace = GetRace(), dwPos = RaceToJob(dwRace), dwSex = RaceToSex(dwRace); dwPos += 1; if (dwSex == 0) dwPos += 5; float fScaleX, fScaleY, fScaleZ, fPositionX, fPositionY, fPositionZ; if (pItemData->GetItemScale(dwPos, fScaleX, fScaleY, fScaleZ, fPositionX, fPositionY, fPositionZ)) { m_GraphicThingInstance.SetScale(fScaleX, fScaleY, fScaleZ, true); if (m_kHorse.IsMounting()) fPositionZ += 10.0f; m_GraphicThingInstance.SetScalePosition(fPositionX, fPositionY, fPositionZ); } #endif }
  7. Paikei

    solved Sash unequip problem

    i already have the fine cloth as 85009..
  8. I implemented LeNnt's sash system and everything works fine, except for one thing. When I unequip the sash, the character model doesn't update: the syserr is clean Does anybody know how to fix this problem?
  9. Paikei

    open Come back to dungeon after crash

    in dungeon.cpp if you search for deadEvent = event_create(dungeon_dead_event, info, PASSES_PER_SEC(10)); you could replace 10 with 300 (for 5 minutes until the dungeon session is destroyed) but I think you have to modify your dungeon's quest too
  10. Paikei

    solved Item Slot Tooltip

    in inside "def __DropItem", search for itemDropQuestionDialog.Open(....) replace with itemDropQuestionDialog.Open(dropItemIndex, attachedItemIndex, attachedItemCount)
  11. Paikei

    solved Item Slot Tooltip

    Thank you!!
  12. Paikei

    solved Item Slot Tooltip

    My syserr is clean..
  13. Paikei

    solved Item Slot Tooltip

    When I mouse over the item, the tooltip doesn't show, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? - uiscript -
  14. Paikei

    solved Python color string

    Very useful, thank you!
  15. Hello! How could I make a line to be of different colors? AppendTextLine colors the whole line..