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  1. Paikei

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    invalid download link, can you update it please?
  2. Paikei

    solved [WEIRD] LC_TEXT Korean Line Error

    that happens because when you open a file with a text editor and you save it, it fucks up the encoding. so the characters are not the same in your .cpp file as in locale_string.txt
  3. Paikei

    open XML to SQL php script or program

  4. Paikei

    open unpacker for foxfs!YQ4yUQJR!Amltjj7L-jo_AMSWG9bE9ac4rHe_W-hpaCd0G1AaoKs
  5. i dont remember, ive had this archive for a long time. the system works, ive tested it myself
  6. Paikei

    open Problem with weapon texture

    Open your .gr2 model in granny viewer, open the Texture List tab and see where the texture path is. you must put the .dds texture in for example: \ymir work\item\weapon\costume\... D:\ is just used as a (((virtual))) partition, put your texture in item.epk/eix
  7. here u go!AIxE3CYD!g74DA8FtTRER3nVmmhxLOSW5DVlcKm8bZkYJfZN2_74
  8. Paikei

    c++ Auto Announcements

    nevermind, thank you
  9. Paikei

    open problem game source

    it seems like you're compiling from the main makefile, thats not necessary as you dont have to compile the libs every time. try compiling only from db/src & game/src, make sure you check their makefiles as well
  10. Paikei

    open Problem with character selection

    it seems like several files are missing / have the wrong path, such as textureset\metin2_C1.txt or the pc / pc2 folders are you sure your index file is all ok?
  11. Paikei

    solved Pet seal effect

    Well that was dumb. Thank you!
  12. Paikei

    solved Pet seal effect

    Hi! I tried adding the pet seal effect from this link: Here is the function: Nothing happens, the effect doesn't appear. How can I fix it?
  13. Paikei

    open Talisman effect issue

    Thank you for your responses! It would be very useful if I could somehow check if the player has a talisman equipped, but I can't for the love of god find out how to do that...
  14. Hi! I implemented this simple talisman system:!JAghRCaS!fQYYAzd0Un9aq-8i9poGpLJzhwJl7N7pvCq6DZAXfq8 The talisman has type 2 (armor) and subtype 7. So when I tried attaching a smoke effect to it, I did it like this (InstanceBase.cpp -> _GetRefinedEffect method): Can anybody help me? ! The effects work, I put "EFFECT_TALISMAN_RED" on the level 80 armor and it worked.