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  1. Paikei


    In InstanceBase.cpp inside the SetAcce function search for this: if (dwAcce > 86000) { dwAcce -= 1000; Replace it with: if (dwAcce > 95000) { dwAcce -= 10000; Now in the server source inside item.cpp search for: toSetValue += 1000; And replace it with: toSetValue += 10000;
  2. Paikei


    Hey! Whenever I move my character (walking, riding a mount, anything), I get spammed in the syslog with this: Feb 19 01:47:06 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]Test 91x20 was 91x21 Feb 19 01:47:11 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]Test 91x19 was 91x20 Feb 19 01:47:15 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]Test 91x18 was 91x19 Feb 19 01:47:20 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]Test 92x18 was 91x18 Feb 19 01:47:20 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]Test 92x17 was 92x18 I didn't add any system recently and I have not made any changes.. How do I even debug this problem? What could this be caused by?
  3. Paikei

    hey, do any of you guys know how to show the hairstyle of the character on the render target model as well?
  4. Hey! How could I make the current hairstyle of the character to be on the render target model as well (when showing an armor/weapon, etc.)? I need to know how to get the ID of the hair in order to use it.
  5. Paikei


    if before you added the pendant system it worked fine, you should try and add it again more carefully on the backups because you most likely messed up somewhere (Packet.h )
  6. Paikei


    Thank you for your solution! However, I found out the problem. In the enum, I had set the effect to 450, after removing this check from the _AttachEffect function: if (eEftType>=EFFECT_NUM) return 0; It seems that it doesn't like big numbers, because after setting the effect to 50, it works fine.
  7. Paikei


  8. Paikei


    Hey! I added the new set of level 115 armors, and their specific "thunder" effect. Problem is that even though the effect is attached to the "Bip01" bone, it is displayed at the feet of the character. How could I fix this? playersettingmodule.py: chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_NEWARMORS, "Bip01", "d:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/armor/armor-5-1.mse")
  9. Paikei

    glad to see you share the same vision of metin2 as the community! welcome
  10. Paikei


    uitip.py in root
  11. hey! I upgraded my client source to vs2019 after this tutorial Everything works fine except for when I exit the game, the client crashes: If I put the .exe in compatibility mode it doesn't crash but I get ErrorLog.txt: https://pastebin.com/sa5FJDak before the upgrade I didn't have any problems. Any ideas on how to debug?
  12. hey! is there any site or program that can convert mob proto from xml to sql?
  13. Paikei


    thanks! I had done everything you mentioned, but I forgot about CAutoNotice AutoNoticeManager; oops
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