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  1. Texas

    Metin2United is(n't) dead

    Absolutely he can afford to pay for the host, but the server will still slowly die since he didn't get enough money for himself to keep being motivated updating and working with the server because nobody is working for free. The price 5000€ is very fair looking at how much he's been working with the server, 5000 is not much if you really want to buy the server. 2 months of work and you can buy Fishers few years of work. I know you're protecting Alex because you're as dumb as him trying to reopen United but that ain't gonna happen.
  2. Texas

    Metin2United is(n't) dead

    It's not really that special. Regarding United.. United is United. The people in there made the server, and that's about it. Regarding Club, it's like a bad copy of United. Cheaper, absolutely but still a bad copy and not even close of having the good old players from 10/11 United times. People saying Fisher is not Belius. I agree, Fisher is not Belius but that doesn't mean Fisher will keep his server opened for years, which is proven already. (It's closed) Legendarul, your server will not even be opened because all you do is talking shit just like I heard you did before Fisher closed Club about you being the owner... Everyone knew that wouldn't happen.
  3. Texas

    Register & Login Script

    #bump - Anybody can help me?
  4. Yet, I'm just retarded, or new to´this shit. Your choice haha! Anyways, how do I use this PuTTy, can anybody explain better like where to find the host/ip for the client?
  5. Dear Metin2Dev Community, I'm kind of new to web developing, and I'm in need of help. I'm trying to use a registration & login script to my website. But I've no idea where to put the php files, I've tried to use FileZilla, but it is just giving me errors. Can anybody here help me, telling me where to put 'em or linking any tutorial. All kind of help is very much appreciated. Kind Regards, Texas
  6. Texas

    Average damage 72%?

    Something in the DB has changed?
  7. Is the server already closed after just a week? You cannot access the facebook page, neither the server's website nor log into the server.