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  1. Uses WAN IP. No need for hamachi.... No need for portmap or hamachi
  2. DarkOne

    open Root server from Hamachi

    You can still let others join in using Virtual Machine from Home and not using hamachi. Are you using source files?
  3. DarkOne

    open I can't select my caracter

    You can either use a bridged connection with portmap or you can edit source files to fix this. I have posted the fix in this forum already if you are using source files.
  4. I have, but have not tested. http://prntscr.com/fhhpmc and http://prntscr.com/fhhq2b but like I said have not tested
  5. DarkOne

    [Searching]Wolfman pack files.

    mostly clean
  6. DarkOne

    [Searching]Wolfman pack files.

    I can share the one I use.
  7. DarkOne

    solved Update 16.0 patch

    should be here https://mega.nz/#F!KIRzmBCI!3eEzTrhliqf-S0VwD07MCA already post on this forum......;-)
  8. DarkOne

    solved Update 16.0 patch

    There is a public.dds in .UPDATES\m2_16.4.2_21077\metin2_patch_new_pet\d_\ymir work\ui http://prntscr.com/er6piq
  9. DarkOne

    open Just start patcher

    Can you be a little more specific? Are you talking about using official patcher?
  10. DarkOne

    Populated server?

    sure it is...compared to GameForge
  11. DarkOne

    Populated server?

  12. With the quest problem did you just delete the quest..? If you did. You also have to delete the data in the object folder as well. Try deleting the object folder and recompile all quest.
  13. DarkOne

    Sql not saving player

    make sure you are shutting down the server correctly. Use some like this killall game && killall db && sleep 10 && reboot
  14. Truncated basically means no set value for that column. So Fanatic Intunecat should have MILGYO in the setRaceFlag.
  15. DarkOne

    select probblem help

    Wrong place to change this... If you look at the path where [007]DawisHU told you to change it only affects these images. http://prntscr.com/eenp9y