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  1. Braxy

    open Upgrading lua version

    Lua 5.0 > Release Date: 2003 Lua 5.3 > Release Date: 2015 There are quite a few changes :?
  2. Braxy

    open Stun player from quest

    I think i was quite clear about what i want to know. Anyway i want the reply from him.
  3. Braxy

    open Stun player from quest

    Why uint32_t instead of DWORD? (Not theoretical (that's everywhere on internet), i want it in terms of usage)
  4. Braxy

    [RELEASE] Eligara / Aligra Client Design

    The minimap is one of a kind, can't lie about that.
  5. Dear Vegas, read what i said again. The guy understood what i said. First point was about entering the game and selecting the language, wich obivously would of been shit. The second point im explaning how global arrays works via dofile used by questlib. And the third one is kinda the same but with mysql. What's you point here budy? Its obviulsy that you have something with me but alteast read what i said and try to understand the facts then come with a proper argument. Anyway, im not gonna give you too much atention, you had enough these past years
  6. Hi, in my opinion if you are a beginner just don't even bother with it. Why not?: - If you do this, each time the players enter the game (either is teleport or whatever) he has to chose the language for the quest. - If you do it via global array keep in mind that Metin2 execute questlib.lua for each CH. (Means you will have 4 global arrays) * That can get you into a mess if you don't know how to do it properly * - If you have the "value" into mysql the quest must select the value each time players enter the game (that will cause high usage of MYSQL) and also if you do it as i said via global array you will have the same problem. Lua is kinda problematic with such stuff, that's why is always better on source
  7. I dont have that much exprience either but i know that Word Editor requires client files like textureset/zone/terrainmaps and so on. (The files must be in "D:" partition too). Also with the shadow's, the PC doesnt' have any shadow and there is a key combination to reset and set the shadows for each object in the map. (I dont know it tho xD) -- I might be wrong tho, as i said not that much experience either
  8. Braxy

    open Biologist Quest's

    There are a few ways you can check whether the PC has the quest available or not. First: - check if the questfiles are compiled by searching them in Object. - search for the "done" (it depends for each quest) statement in mysql/player/quest. - make sure the quest is reading the right argument to be followed. Either way, you can upload the quest on pastebin and add it here so i can take a look
  9. Im not so sure about it. For example, the dungeon is in a timer phase that checks each 10 seconds whether all mobs are killed or not. Well that timer is not a server_timer, it is a timer that has been set to the leader of the group. If the specified player is discconected, he has the oportunity to get back in the instance but in the mean time the other players are stuck due to the timer that is active just on the Leader. This case scenario can happen also with a group player not just the leader, and he aint comming back for example, well this thing will ruin the run for good
  10. Your party functions to go back into the dungeon are completly fine while the dungeon is written properly using server timers and so on. Either way these functions are useless. We both know that and i bet most of all have dungeons based on "timer" and so on
  11. Braxy

    CH3HP DDoS

    Whom am i working with dude? Im inactive on metin2 community for like 3 months xDDD
  12. Braxy

    CH3HP DDoS

    Why do people fight on subjects as ddos in 2019 xD
  13. Braxy

    open Python syntax not quite right

    self.getModule().iteritems(): not just on def Main(self), everywhere that is a def
  14. Braxy

    open Python syntax not quite right

    Im not close near Python at all but i guess there should be a self. near this for key, c_pszName in getModule().iteritems(): But idk just an opinion xD
  15. Braxy

    open New Function mob.get_name

    As i said, you have to recreate the function and actually not to return the name via soruce but by python