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  1. Braxy

    This would make a real good weapon set and armor set if you ask me
  2. Braxy


    Well then move "main_quest's" over to /quest folder.
  3. Braxy


    The error indicates that the "quest compiler" does not exists, not that you cannot compile your main_quest. The "quest compiler" is usualy find in ../quest path, so if you want to access it just go through the right path.
  4. Braxy


    I'm not talking about this in special, i'm generalizing it.
  5. Braxy


    Properly clearing memory after using it it's a must.
  6. Braxy


    Hi, this is a common issue. Maybe is because at login is set to a null pointer but im not sure (didn't check actually) Anyway, if you are trying to write "rejoin func" into dungeons keep in mind that each time someone leaves the dungeon and it has timers on him, timers will be removed. Therefore i suggest you to take a better look on this function because it can be messy af
  7. Braxy

    Hi, since i have never released anything here, i tought it would be a great start releasing this quest. As you well know i have a LUA Service topic here and even tho this quest is not much about LUA because of course its based on Metin2 functions it's quite alright for you to take a first impresion. Link: Best regards, Braxy.
  8. Braxy

    Am i the only one who noticed that Uriel running like there is no tomorrow?
  10. Mostly recommended from this forum. A special person i would say.
  11. Braxy


    Post your quest so i can update your code.
  12. Braxy


    Lua 5.0 > Release Date: 2003 Lua 5.3 > Release Date: 2015 There are quite a few changes :?
  13. Braxy


    I think i was quite clear about what i want to know. Anyway i want the reply from him.
  14. Braxy


    Why uint32_t instead of DWORD? (Not theoretical (that's everywhere on internet), i want it in terms of usage)
  15. Braxy

    The minimap is one of a kind, can't lie about that.