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  1. serex

    c++ Revive event

    Revive event for use in quests like when kill, when login... The event is triggered when the player revive. Source: Example of usage: when revive begin chat("Hello metin2dev.") end 
  2. serex

    open Xhaman visual skill bug

    I want the skill to be on self. Yep I know that I should change it on clientside but where exactly?
  3. The bug is only visual because the damage is done correctly in the right area not in the target, anyone knows how can I fix this?
  4. Thanks for your tips, I will keep improving
  5. If you want to allow only one player per IP in certain maps you can use this Example of usage: when login with pc.is_pc_ip_in_map() begin chat("En este mapa solo puede entrar 1 personaje por IP, serás transportado en 5 segundos.") warp_to_village() end For add/remove maps, just edit: std::map<DWORD, std::map<DWORD, DWORD>> maps = { { 181, {} }, { 182, {} }, { 183, {} } }; In map_manager.h Implementation: Enjoy
  6. Hello devs, If you are in a party doing a dungeon and you get disconnected or your game crash, there is any possible way of come back to that dungeon with your party after reconnect?
  7. Dead img. Can you reupload pls?
  8. serex

    open Communication between channels

    where can I check that?
  9. serex

    open Communication between channels

    Update: At the beginning everything is working, but when the players start to enter and play it suddenly stop working: PM and shout.
  10. Hello I don't know why the players from my server can't communicate between channels: Example: Im in channel 1: so I don't see people shouting on other CHs, and if I try to send PM to people in ch2 or ch3 it says that they are offline. Any idea of why can it happens?
  11. serex

    solved Quest visual bug

    Working! Thanks!
  12. serex

    open db crash when start server

    upload bt full
  13. serex

    solved Quest visual bug

    Hi I dont know why this is happening with some quests: This is normal. But when I close it, I still have this: Any idea? No sysser errors.