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  1. kevin


    I've spoken with the author David Villegas because I was curious how these amazing artworks came to life.
  2. I was wondering in your opinion as a coder, programmer, hacker or developer: Where do you think it's easier to bruteforce or check account and passwords on the official GF servers, client-side or website-side ? Please tell why would you choose one or another ? Arguments!
  3. Hi, I'm a guy that enjoys to find and exploit vulnerabilities. So far I've been able to clear a few accounts of their items, but I'm looking forward to made the whole process easier. My question has to do with the fact that I know the username of a big metin2 gameforge partner and I want to bruteforce the password on the website. How can I do that ? How would the bruteforce script for would look like ? I've tried with Burp Suite but wasn't able to work it out.
  4. kevin

    Arthena2 [RO]

    Very well done server. The gameplay it is mid to hard in terms of time it takes you to reach the max level and to craft your items. What I like about this server is that it has the Anniversary Sash and the Gaya System. Also the costumes and skins are a privilege on this server because you can only obtain them from beta boses or events. It's hard to get bored on this server therefore I recommend it to anyone.
  5. kevin

    [Metin2Dev] Signature Contest!

    I get it bro! I did it because I liked doing it. Whatever Vegas decided to do I'm good with it. He didn't saved any money, maybe most of the people didn't rised to his expectations of how in his perspective a signature contest would look like
  6. kevin

    [Metin2Dev] Signature Contest!

    For this signature I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 and I played around with this warrior lady render by adding some light effects, displacement map and for the background I used some pattern, little bit of topaz clean and some snow texture. As a text I used Metin2 official text and turning it into ice to fit into the winter theme. It's just my way of having fun sometimes, cheers brothers and sisters!
  7. It looks like this: You can unpack all pack files with EterNexus and in order to run the client it you can make a .bat file with start metin2.bin text inside it. MEGA:!dZYS2ajZ!qCwXS53cJXFBcU7csLHRl-uXlNstrSyRpUzxFaFfe8A
  8. Here's the .mse files for each version. Make sure to use the .tga files of ymirred, not .jpg ones because you'll get that white background if you're using .jpg. gm2004.mse gm2008.mse
  9. Looks like this: - 2004 - 2008 This is how you use it: Unpack locale_ro from your client and replace the old ymirred.tga from effect folder with the new ymirred.tga offered by me. should make a backup. in case you won't like it you can restore the old ymirred file. MEGA:!UYoCDKjY!5x3knFrYcNOzAB4qJNWU-LruB3sUS7WYGqzHNmemkcY I want a proof from you that you succed to put it in your client. Good luck!
  10. MEGA reupload:!YERhnRLJ!rqn9xZgSjKM-84h51pmMob7r6VQq9lu13J6MWu7YwLw I have two questions about this server: how to start it faster, without waiting for those 8 Operation timed out ? and which one of the available sources is closer to this server game / db ? (novaline, mainline, mainline_sg)
  11. Each of the images have a space where you can write your server name. How to use them ? 1. Unpack locale_xx, go to ui > loading. 2. Replace loading0, loading1, loading2, loading3. (you can do some backup of the original files before replacing them) 4. Pack locale_xx and enjoy. MEGA:!EFwUwS7A!sk3Ljva512kSi_iieKQVmjl4qHG2iyKXFlj71TsTdeg