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  1. hachiwari

    c++ Hide Players on OX

  2. hachiwari

    c++ Event Handler For Client

    Singleton pattern... Please read about why dont use singleton pattern ..otherwise nice idea!
  3. hachiwari

    open Any idea about this crash(logs)

    ???? show more, from begin not from #13
  4. hachiwari

    open Change start lvl from src

    I will not give you code for copy and paste.. you have to run brain.exe
  5. hachiwari

    open Change start lvl from src

    Yes, it's correct, you have to change stat points and hp,sp. like this:
  6. hachiwari

    open Change start lvl from src

    No need any quest if you change it in input_login..
  7. hachiwari

    open Change start lvl from src

    bullshit, it's not a solution, it's workaround. @zeimpekis9 In input_login.cpp find function NewPlayerTable (or NewPlayerTable2 was in oryginal source) and in her body change: table->level = 1;
  8. Root links is corrupted
  9. hachiwari

    [RELEASE] Fully editable Mission

    Nice code, i mean about visual clean code. I like it
  10. hachiwari

    Please nooooooo

    So whats the problem?
  11. hachiwari

    open error in src game

    Show 501 line from questlua.cpp
  12. hachiwari

    [NEW] Custom costumes

    wtf, nice shit
  13. kek, did you hear about something like eg liquibase?
  14. nice idea
  15. hachiwari

    open clang++-devel error

    Open Makefile and you have to add in LIBDIR: -L../../liblua/lib, e.g. LIBDIR += -L../../liblua/lib