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  1. hachiwari

    [NEW] Custom costumes

    wtf, nice shit
  2. kek, did you hear about something like eg liquibase?
  3. nice idea
  4. hachiwari

    open clang++-devel error

    Open Makefile and you have to add in LIBDIR: -L../../liblua/lib, e.g. LIBDIR += -L../../liblua/lib
  5. hachiwari

    open Item on shop after delete from db

  6. hachiwari

    open Item on shop after delete from db

    You know nothing, rawn3cr0.
  7. hachiwari

    open Make command delete

    .. so show yours work and what's not working
  8. hachiwari

    open MonsterRank & MonsterType functions

  9. hachiwari

    [FIX]Removing From Messenger Fix

    Good code dont have to comment
  10. hachiwari

    c++ Metin2 | How To | Relog In Dungeon

    Wtf? And after 300 seconds dungeon_dead_event will be executed even though you are logged in, because this he dont check if dunegon is empty..
  11. hachiwari

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    Nice piece of shit
  12. hachiwari

    (Almost fixed) Dryad mob texture

    Why did you remove the wagina?
  13. hachiwari

    open GetName function

    Yes, good luck. ReFresh, we dont give you a full solution, step by step, it will be good for you. In every topic you waited for full solution, no way
  14. hachiwari

    c++ [C++] 6 inventory safebox

    You are crazy man