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  1. Warr007

    Search Developer - Origins2 Team

    Hi, Origins2 Team is searching for solutions for the 2 problems we encuntered on the server. Recently we discovered two major problems. 1. Memory leak. 2. Uknow Packet header. 1. I will offer you some details about the "memory leak" problem, we think it's caused by offline shop system because only on ch1 we have crash cores. Offline shop it's from Great, the last version. Proof: https://imgur.com/tiVQyPw 2. Unknown packet header you all know this problem. We search to decrease these packets because we know it's impossible to stop them. For each problem correctly solved we offer 1000 euros. Whoever is interested is asked to reach to me in private with a message.
  2. The Summer Event was added on the server! You can see more information about this event on board. Summer Event: https://board-origins2.org/index.php?/topic/182-summer-event-2019/
  3. The server it's online! Check it now! Download: https://www.origins2.global/downloadSite: https://www.origins2.global/users/register2FA tutorial : http://wiki.origins2.global/index.php/Account_Protection
  4. The client has been uploaded on the site, you can start the download. The opening will take place tomorrow between 18:00 - 19:00 GMT+3 (Romanian hour) We are waiting for you on the server! Download: https://www.origins2.global/download Site: https://www.origins2.global/users/register2FA tutorial : http://wiki.origins2.global/index.php/Account_Protection Your Origins2 Team!
  5. We're informing everyone, the registrations have been enabled! Please activate 2FA protection, do not forget that you are rewarded with the 2FA amulet if you activate the protection. We are waiting for you on the date 20.07.2019 at the opening of the server. (we do not know the exact time, but we can tell you it will be after 17:00 pm (GMT+3) Site: https://www.origins2.global/users/register 2FA tutorial : http://wiki.origins2.global/index.php/Account_Protection
  6. ~ GRAND OPENING ~ 20.07.2019 ~ Website: https://origins2.global Board: https://board-origins2.org/ Wiki: http://wiki.origins2.global Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/KD3hkv7 ~ ROMANIAN PRESENTATION ~ ~ TURKEY PRESENTATION ~
  7. Warr007

    Easter Maps1

    I buy maps from this person. Best mapper in Romania.
  8. Warr007

    [SOLVED] Icon

    Hello guys, I need the icon for pet. So i just need by this icon: https://prnt.sc/j71zlx Does anyone have it or do you know where I find this icon. ^.^